Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Fifty years ago on June 6th  Gordon and I were married in the Idaho Falls  L.D.S.Temple.

As the golden anniversary of the day approached, Cindy quietly organized our children into a team to produce a big party to commemorate the event.  She delegated tasks according to skills and soon had a proficient catering service to make things happen.  She let everyone know early so they could arrange schedules.  By the time the day came every one of our children, their spouses and all the grandchildren and our first great-grand had come to help us celebrate.

 Our part was to provide a guest list and add to the fun by borrowing Raymond and Shanna Hill’s 1956 Blue T-Bird Convertible as a photo prop.

At our house, Jenna and more cousins were baking and decorating hundreds of cupcakes.

Our church cultural hall was the location and by the afternoon of the big day it was filled with all kinds of activities.  Cindy directed the show.

The engineers worked on decoration construction.

Brian and Kara ironed tablecloths.

Bob set up the electronics for the slide show.

They used photos that went from our wedding day all the way up to the Great American Solar Eclipse which was celebrated by our family in our own back yard.

Lisa brought her skills as a cake decorator and, using our wedding photos, was able to make a duplicate of our original cake.

Kara’s husband, Jimmy, even picked up a ukulele and provided background music.

When the preparations were done we adjourned to the shelter by the parking lot to celebrate Daniel’s 14th birthday.

Then everybody went home and put on their party clothes so we could come back for historic photographs.

The guests of honor.

The Braithwaites

The Simiskeys

The Black-Harts

The Black-Boehmes

Crazy Uncle Jay


Kathy G said...

Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful day.

Alica said...

Happy Anniversary, and congratulations on 50 years!! You have a lovely family!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Congratulations. Your family is awesome to create such a lasting memory of your memories. Everyone looks like it was a great time. The golden is the one we all hope to celebrate in such a glorious way. HUGS B

Terry and Linda said...


We had our 50th in December of last year!!!