Friday, June 29, 2018


This was meant to be a trilogy but I've decided to spare a lot of details (which I think are amazing) and shorten this down into one last succinct post.

There was a variety of yummy food served from the kitchen by our very capable descendants and their spouses.

Lots of friends and family came, some from as far away as New Mexico.

Even my sister came from Utah although she is still recovering from an illness which nearly took her life.

We visited so much with so many people that we never had a chance to grab a snack.

Then we all sat back to enjoy the entertainment.  The following video is a condensed version of showmanship presented by the kids.  Some are members of a jump-rope team, many have musical skills and they all seemed to have inherited a lot of weirdness---no idea where THAT came from.

The video is short but if you decided to miss it here are some highlights:

Amazing abilities by the rope-jumpers




Even flipping and spinning almost into the crowd.

The ukulele ensemble who call themselves the "Snuggly Muffins"

Ann and Lindsay do a violin duet accompanied by Cindy

And a piano solo by Sophie with an impromptu jump rope number by our Great-grand.

And finally a re-enactment of the cutting of the cake. 
Best Party Ever!


Alica said...

Looks like a great party! 50 years is an amazing reason to looks like you have a fun family. Also happy that your sister is apparently on the mend and was able to celebrate with you too!

Terry and Linda said...

Once More! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Aniversary!

Linda Sue said...

The jump rope jumpers are incredible, Just watching them hurt my neck a little, but WOW!
So, does fifty years feel like twenty or one hundred?

Eileen B said...

Thanks for all the well wishes. Yes, we're pretty proud of the kids and grands. We are truly blessed. Time seems like the view through a telescope. From big end everything appears forever away. But through the small end stuff is either in your face or by the wayside, depending on how you look at things.