Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Above is a detail of "Barn Owl in the Churchyard" that I shamelessly lifted from my book, THE WORLD OF ROBERT BATEMAN. I hope he does not come after me for copywrite infringement. I had a limited editon of this one in my hands, but not enough cash in my pocket at the time. Of course I regret passing up the purchase now. But I digress.

Weaver of Grass  inspired me to dig in my files and bring out my owl poem. Thanks, Weaver for your powerful poem posted today. Here is mine---


Dark boughs of old evergreens
Shelter the stones that mark bone homes.
Somewhere deep in the trees
Is a great gray owl.
He watches the night with moon eyes.
Down below rodents know he is there.
Often his baritone question
Gives them a scare.
A few have felt wind from his wings
As he quietly gathers another beside them.
Still every night they scurry and search
In the grasses and weeds.
One moment they’re munching a seed.
The next instant silently gone.


Acornmoon said...

Hello, yes I do love Weaver's poem, yours is also beautiful, I love your "Moon eyes".

Kara Bunnell said...

hi. awesome poem. I really liked the whole owl theme

Katiejane said...

Very nice poem. And don't you just love owls?

Anonymous said...

Just visiting via Weaver of Grass (and I have no idea how I got there either).It's been wonderful to read your posts.I look forward to visiting again.Our seasons are opposite, so I am finding your snow adventures and pictures really interesting. Great poem too!

Woman in a Window said...

Those poor rodents are really getting it today. Damn! (I just came over from Weaver's.)

That shot of the elk off to the side - I'm envying you immensely right now. Wonderful!

Oh, that picture at my place that you commented on was done in Photoshop with multi-layers. I just keep playing 'til I get what I like.

Yolanda said...

I love owls and thanks for the intro to this poem.

Cait O'Connor said...

I loved the poem too, the moon eyes are evocative.

Unknown said...

Silently gone.... ooooh chills!
I liked that! More please!
give the fam a squeeze from me!