Friday, June 19, 2009


A few years ago I made pilgrimage to Cushing, Maine to, among other things, see the place made famous by a great American, Andrew Wyeth.
His death last January marked the passing of one of the great U.S. artists of the twentieth century.
"Christina's World" is one of his best known works.
This is the location as I saw it during my visit.
Wyeth made many paintings in and around the Olsen house. This one is called, "Weatherside." That angle of the house as I saw it.
CHRISTINA’S A clapboard house that smelled of mold and oldness. Walls damp and musty leaned against the ceiling. A door fastened to hold in old dreams. Ancient lilacs grew toward the ragged roof. A pebble path led through a patchy yard. Sea sounds hissed through the air. Can't visit Maine without taking on a lobster!


Jeannelle said...

Lovely post! How wonderful you made the journey to Maine. I think I saw a Wyeth painting in an American Art Museum in downtown Chicago back in the 90's.

Woman in a Window said...

That is a gorgeous painting. Wow. Aftershocks...
And there you are. You're beautiful. So too your poem.

Leenie said...

Jeanelle: Happy Birthday again and congrats on 1000!

Erin: Thanks for your kind comments. You're my hero. I decided after 80 posts I should come out from behind the camera. Your posting of your daughter's shot of you with underwear on your head inspired me to post one of myself in a dirty tee shirt with a giant crustacean.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Don't know the artist at all but what an interesting post. It is always exciting to visit the stamping ground of someone one admires (have recently been to Old Bennington and seen Frost's grave and a few years ago went to Anne of Green Gables country) I really enjoyed the post and the photographs.

Linda Sue said...

Always loved "Christina's World", always thought that that house would be very difficult for a broken girl.
Love your pictures of the actuality and your poem, bigs stars and A+++ plusses!- AND you are so much prettier than the lobster it isn't even funny...the lobster probably didn't have much of a sense of humour...he looks angry...he looks like dinner.
It sprinkled rain here yesterday- I don't miss it this summer has been so fabulous! It's OK you can have the rain for a while- the antelope will appreciate you have antelope?

DayPhoto said...

And there you are! Just beautiful!

It was ever so nice to meet you!


Country Girl said...

What a wonderful post! I am having so much trouble visiting all the blogs that I find I enjoy. I don't know how others do it. So glad I stopped by here this evening.