Thursday, April 22, 2010


Have you ever been going about your business when you realize--
You are being watched.
And then almost before you know what is happening--

You have become the target of a rant.
However, if you stand your ground
and do what you can to be pleasant--

Sometimes you can resolve the issue,
or at least the other one will blow off enough steam.

So you can both--

be on your way.


Krista said...

What a beautiful creature to watch and to be watched by. When I lived in Oz (Australia) I was up late one night and I had the feeling I was being watched. I looked on our vaulted ceiling and there was a huge Huntsman Spider. Yeah, it was scary. Ew!

Linda Sue said...

Oh yeah, that's why it is good to carry a pea shooter...
amazing shots, girl!

DayPhoto said...

WOW!!! Double WOW!!!! I love these shots! I'm glad it didn't deciede your hair was cool enough come down and grab and just flew away. But still...wonderful shots.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos - the sensible bird obviuosly realised it had met its match and couldn't intimidate you!!

CeeCee said...

Is that a Red Tail? Maybe there is a nest nearby and you were just too close? Great shots! None of my raptors (hawks and owls) will stay put long enough for me to get decent pictures.