Monday, May 24, 2010


The weather over the weekend was sunny with blue skies. There were also unceasing gusty winds. Off and on it clouded up and then it rained--a lot. On Saturday snow fell. The sky filled with big fluffy flakes that might be called feather snow in November, but now it most certainly would be categorized as Dufus Snow. There was also sleet, a little hail and it got so cold at night that the bird bath froze over.

This morning the temperature had improved some and the wind had stopped. I dressed warm, grabbed my bicycle and went for a ride.

I made a point of going by the big osprey nest now occupied by the Canada Goose. Despite the days of rotten weather she was still there. Not a Mazie bird, more of a Horton type—faithful one hundred per cent. I was so happy to see that long neck peering over the nest that I almost ran over a skunk.

Both the black and white stinker and I were surprised to see each other. There is nothing like the sight of a skunk to shoot adrenalin through the system. I was long gone before Mr. Le Pew could load his weapon.

The cool misty morning gradually became rainy and then turned into a downpour. Someday there will be practical windshield wipers for glasses. When I came in the house I had a stripe down my back, not unlike a skunk. However, mine was just mud and water flung up from my back bicycle tire.

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Runningspider said...

ha! im the first to says hi.

Krista said...

That would have been a very BAD thing if you ran into that skunk. It would have been a good bloggin' story though!

justahumblebee said...

wow, I didn't realize that geese would lay their eggs so high UP!

I was recently following this osprey cam... Its on Cape Cod, where I grew up :)

Anonymous said...

Man, sounds like Utah weather. Make up your mind Mother Nature!

So glad you didn't get sprayed by the skunk...yuck!

Laura said...

Wow, is all I can say about that goose nesting so high. I hope the babies do float down like you say in the 'Baby Steps' post. I hadn't seen that post, nice way to link back to it :-)

Regarding our deck, it is similar to Trex but another name which I can't think of right now, and we really like this material too, this is our Third Deck we've built out of that stuff or something similar. Two other decks in California. I was wondering how slipperly it will be in the winter though and how bad it ices up.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you had snow - we are finally having some decent weather (although it was a little cooler today) Although, I do remember we once had a freak snow shower in June!!

Anonymous said...

snow? at the end of may? youve got some crazy weather!

DayPhoto said...


Great shots!