Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Kyzer Stoddard is a young man who lives down the road a few miles.  
He is only eighteen, but in his young life he’s racked up an impressive amount of rodeo awards.  His name is on the top of the list of area,state and national high school rodeo competition for events such as bareback, roping, team roping, cattle cutting and all around cowboy.
He made his entrance into the Madison County Fair Rodeo on two grays.
 He rode those two beauties around and around the arena at a gallop.
Then over a jump.
 At least twice this team casually went up and over.
 Then one gray took a bow and was led out.  Sorry the photo is blurred, but you get the idea.
 Then Kyzer did this!  And his pony acted like nothing unusual was happening.  This cowboy is just too handsome and too skilled for words.
 But wait!  There’s more!
 Hanging off on the left, then over to the right then off the back (at this point I couldn’t help wondering who did his laundry, sorry).
Back up on the horse to go around again.
 Back in the saddle.
 Then over the saddle.  This guy has GOT to have a gorgeous set of abs!
 A bounce off the ground and
 up and back and out of the arena to cheers and applause.  We’ve not heard the last of this cowboy!

He never lost his hat and he’s Tough Enough To Wear Pink?™


Sarah said...

He is incredible! I can't believe it! I love the tough enough to wear pink thing as well! He certainly is-and those horses are just gorgeous! Again your great photos capture it all so well.

Jill said...

Ha ha, as I was looking at your pics I was thinking - and he wears a pink shirt!! But you beat me to it. Fabulous set of photographs. OMG I could be his GRANDMOTHER!!

CeeCee said...

Is it wrong to have a slight crush on an 18 year old cowboy? When a human (man or woman) can break through the 'fright/flight' response with a horse, I just get all mushy.
Do you ever wonder how many horrible tumbles he's taken in his young career? I guess that's the mom in me?

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh my goodness those are fantastic shots!! Its incredible to me how he can get on an off like that? But he's a pro huh!? So colorful.. and I can tell it is a community thing- loved the gent with the pink beard! (lol)..somehow I wasn't expecting that!
Oh, I did leave a comment, grin:))

Anonymous said...

i admire a man who wears a pink shirt and still look manly.

TALON said...

Those are some amazing actions shots, Leenie! Captured the speed so well! You're right - he's got to be in awesome shape to pull himself around like that. And that horse is so kind. I love that he wore the pink shirt, but there's no doubts that he's definitely "tough enough to wear pink" :)

Linda Sue said...

He's too sexy for his shirt! OMG! what a beautiful cowboy- his horses know it! WOW! Lucky you- great shots- LOVELY! 18 DAY-UM!

Elizabeth said...

Well, this is something we don't have around here!
A most talented young man indeed!

Anonymous said...

Well, Malcolm has a pink shirt and he has a hat .... and there the similarity ends! What a fabulous display of horsemanship. And like CeeCee, I think I have a crush on him as well!!

Pam said...

Yay! Go the Cowboy! That shirt is a good shade of pink. Felt sad for the chemist at the Price-Line here in Adelaide recently. All staff evidently made to wear garish pink t-shirts with big white company lettering on it. Not a good look. That young cowboy, can't imagine him looking anything butt good. Oops sorry, typo, what WAS I thinking!

Kyzer Stoddard said...

Haha Thank you all for the Comments. Also whoever took these pictures they are pretty awesome. I was surfing the internet today and caught a glimpse of me on google images and then it took me to your blog. Thank you all For your kind words. It really helps to know that my show is liked. Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

He trains all those horses himself right? If he does that is crazy awsome. Not many people have that God given talent. He is so cute also.