Monday, November 8, 2010


This is what our neighbor's roof looks like.  
They don't have a white roof.  Just guess what all that white stuff is.

This is our back yard right now---Monday afternoon November 8.

This is a computer screen shot of the radar map over our area from The Weather Channel.
All that blue stuff is a big snow storm.  The pink is sleet and the green is rain.
I keep clicking on the Turn Off Weather button but nothing happens. >:(


Jill said...

... and I am moaning about the rain!!

Carla said...

Aaaaackkkk! It's too early! It's just too early. Maybe hit the the "turn off weather button" while standing on one foot and jumping up and down.

Linda Sue said...

NOOOO too soon- too cold- too white!!! Let's go down yonder where the sunshine lives!!!

Kilauea Poetry said... the top one!! I feel for ya. I was outside taking shots of wild sunflowers (ha ha)..I'm actually a little jealous:)

DayPhoto said...

It has arrived here!!!! NOOOOOO! Could I send it to Mexico?


TALON said...

I'm saying this and then I'm gonna duck so you don't hit me - but it looks sort of lovely. I'm not sure why, but the first snowfall is always pure magic to me. Mind you, I'll be singing a different tune in a couple of weeks. Last year the snow arrived here in November and never went far, so good - we've only had some wet flurries.

Anonymous said...

There has been a fair amount of snow in the north of Scotland, and a little bit near us ..... but hopefully we won't get any serious snowfall here for a while .... if we do I might consider emigrating!!

Anzu said...

Unfortunately, we can not escape our current situation. However we can imagine the blue sky and the shining sun across borders. 
(*´_⊃`)ノcome alongヽ(´⊂_`*)