Monday, December 20, 2010


In a vacant lot near where I work is a world globe made from a large iron mooring buoy.
  It is mounted on a trailer and was used at some time as part of a parade float. 
 Now it tells the weather.
  When there is a glare on it--the weather is sunny.
  When it's wet--the weather is rainy.  
When it's tipped over--the day is a bit breezy. 

 Right now it looks like this.

I think it's pretty accurate, don't you?


Anonymous said...

that looks pretty accurate indeed :)

Anonymous said...

That just about sums it up! At least today (Tuesday) is the shortest day, so we can look forward to a tiny bit more daylight each day to chase away the midwinter blues!!

Carla said...

O my, how wonderful and simple and yet painfully accurate. Goodness knows we could use some of that precipitation here in the south.

DayPhoto said...

YES! IT! DOES! And today is the shortest day of the Terry and I are married 43 years! WOW!


TALON said...

That is so neat, Leenie! And completely accurate! I'm thinking that's a magic globe...and I hope it doesn't end up tipping over because the snow gets too heavy on top!

Jill said...

Fabulous - love your sense of humour, love the globe.

Maude Lynn said...

As accurate as the average weatherman!

Anairam said...

The globe is obviously getting it right way more than the local weather station!