Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Thought THAT was crazy

Okay, I'm getting a lot of hassle for riding a raft down a river for a few days.
Yes, it's true I found out a life jacket does save lives.
But the weather was warm and the scenery was beautiful.
And except for a few long seconds of sheer terror...
and some wild rides through rapids...
and some getting up close and personal real fast with some boulders...
The river trips were fun.

Not painful.
THIS is insane and painful.
The kind of pain like when you accidentally stand up and hit your head
on an open cupboard.  Or slam your hand in a car door.
Right up there with giving birth...that kind of pain.

I went ice fishing with DH and friends.  I hated it the first time.
But to make sure it wasn't just a bad day, I went again.
My feet and hands have never been so cold.

You may be able to tell by the above photo taken by my sweet husband
that the ice was very NOT thick when they made their traditional
After Thanksgiving Day Dufus Trip to Catch Fish Through the Ice.

Two inches thick.  They tip-toed across the lake
until they were over water that was about nine feet deep.
This is our son Bobert pretty much frozen in place.
Although he did catch the first fish.

Son in law Brian was a little smarter.  He stayed near the shore.

Beavis is hanging on to a bucket in case everything caves in on him.
I didn't know until I saw these photos that my baby went without 
his snowmobile suit.  He was so spooked about falling through
that he confessed to having nightmares about it.

They brought home enough fish for a big fry.  Great flavor those fish.
But you may be able to see in this picture how the fish are still
frozen solid even after traveling over an hour in the truck back to our house.

I'm not sure what drives the guys to go to this extreme, but they 
do it often every year.  They're going again tomorrow!

That is just WRONG.


TALON said...

I love fishing...but not ice fishing. Tried it once and, like you, never ever again. We used to live farther north where ice huts scatter across the lakes...and no one ever died from falling in...but no such luck with the snowmobilers. Every year there were tragedies with snowmobilers going through the ice. We did use to love when they had the motorcycle ice racing on Gull Lake - very cool! - but those took place in late January when the ice was pretty darn thick.

Anonymous said...

Wow - you lot sure know how to make a day edgy. You and the family better put wrestling crocodiles in Queensland or the Northern Territory, Australia on your list! I'll point you in the direction but I too, will be staying an extremely safe distance away - like the next state!
By the way, when is the next 'running with the bulls' in Spain? . I think we Australians could give them a run for their money with rabid Cassowaries or irritable emus let loose!

Butternut Squash said...

It's the adventure that lets you know you are alive. I'm glad you all came home intact.

susan m hinckley said...

You don't have to tell a Minnesotan about the stupidity of ice fishing. But it gets even dumber. My daughter's boyfriend loves his ice house so much that he and his friends hang out in it in the driveway for weeks while they're waiting for the ice to get thick enough to drive out and tow it into place. They have a heater, a TV and stereo in there, among other things . . . my daughter refuses to participate in such a ridiculous ritual, but it does mean her Friday nights are spent solo for the winter. I've warned her repeatedly about the dangers of marrying a Minnesotan . . . and ice fishing is not the only questionable (insane?!) thing they do here. I think driving around on the frozen lakes in massive trucks that regularly fall through the ice is perhaps even sillier. But at least I could stay warm in my truck.

DayPhoto said...

Oh! My! Goodness! I hate water...scary stuff. So thin ice makes it even scary for me. Your fish look really good, though.


Anonymous said...

Each to their own, I suppose ..... but definitely bonkers!!

Linda Sue said...


Sarah said...

I am not surprised about the nightmares-I would never walk out on a frozen lake-especially with ice only two inches think! Mad! I bet the fish taste good though-especially after all that fear to earn them!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Great snapshots! Geesh- that looks cold, and this reminds me (best part actually) of the movie-comedy (The Darwin Awards)
Lol..those fish even froze! I don't blame your son for getting a nightmare! It looks spooky!! Great catch and at least you braved it out! I'd do the same (though I'm a big baby as far as cold)..
hypocrite I am too (fingers crossed it'll snow)