Wednesday, February 9, 2011


(More stories of our ten day visit to the Yucatan in January 2011)

Since we were in a tourist region 
we saw all kinds of souvenir items in the shops.

 I think these are some kind of piñata.  The bright colors made them very tempting. 
The ones I usually see are tacky, sun faded replicas made overseas.

 Musical souvenirs

 Vivid skulls were for sale everywhere in the markets,
 and the handbags of folded paper were tantalizing.

 Baking goods

 A big variety of bottled beans, corn and asparagus


 Even in the smallest stores there were massive displays 
of lotions to prevent sunburn and cause sun tan.

 We watched a lady hand-roll cigars,
and saw a whole museum devoted to tequila.

 Chocolate was invented by the Mayans and Aztecs.  
This was chocolate-lover’s heaven.

 So much chocolate and so little suitcase space

 Somehow I don’t think this dark chocolate milk packaging 
would go over too well in the states.  
And I don’t EVEN want to know where they get Choco Melvin milk.


TALON said...

Chocolate All Bran? That's unique! I'm a chocoholic - the darker the better - so I'd have been going crazy. And those folded paper purses are so gorgeous! All the colors - so vivid and so full of life. Must have been even more so in person.

Linda Sue said...

DANG - I want you to go back down there tomorrow and pick up a shit load of stuff- then move here and we will open up a little shop in Fairhaven- OK?

Jill said...

Love all the brightly coloured souvenirs. the touble is, you buy one thing from a stall like this just as a reminder, and when you get it home it just looks lonely, cheap and tawdry - you need a whole bucketful to remind you of the sun and fun of being abroad.

lizziviggi said...

You'd think the places with that much sun would tone down the color, and the places like ours with gray days would amp it up. Our eyes must have compensated to the softness of light and color, so when we see displays like that our rods and cones just dance!

Maude Lynn said...

My daughter would love all of those skulls!

Elizabeth said...

I love looking at things in foreign countries!
such fun
so bright and so diverse
cool captures!

susan m hinckley said...

I hope you managed to bring yourself home a few treats -- the bright photos from a warm and exotic locale were a treat for me today. Thanks for taking us along!

Anonymous said...

Tequila and chocolate ..... I may just have to visit there!!

Anairam said...

I like the colourful stuff - it looks so festive. Oooh, chocolate! I need some!

DayPhoto said...

The colors are WOW and so refreshing after either all snow or all brown.


I need orange said...

LOVE all the color!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't carry a purse, but I seriously covet one of those woven bags...........

NEED that kind of color, on this grey-and-white winter day.............

I love looking at what is for sale in other places! What is the same stuff we have at home; what is totally different.......

THANK YOU for taking us with you!