Monday, March 21, 2011


Flowers were left on our step like an unwanted baby.  
The instructions on the box said "ring bell or knock before leaving."
 Maybe the delivery guy did.  
But the residents of the box were a little droopy and unhappy when they arrived. 
DH gave them a big drink and some of the enclosed flower food. 

Within a day they had perked up considerably and the mini blue iris 
were starting to open.  Spring had arrived in a box! By the way, 
the iris are named after the goddess 
of the rainbow who acted as a link between heaven and earth. 
Pink tulips symbolize a perfect happiness.

In no time at all the whole bouquet were spreading sunshine everywhere.

They even brought the outside sun inside for a while.  
Thank you, thank you, Bobert!


Linda Sue said...

Your flowers certainly perked up! Maybe you should drink some of that miracle perk up water! I could use some myself...Your poem is not self serving, what ever that's awesome and amazing that you always find the right words out of a limited choice.
Because you are a genius...

Sarah said...

Your flowers are lovely-those two colours go really well. I agree with Linda Sue on the poetry front.

Jill said...

Preserve that poem!
More words would say less.

Butternut Squash said...

Fantastic flowers and excellent poetry. I am so happy to read that you are recovering well. Just think how great you will feel as the Spring progresses!

TALON said...

The iris and tulips are so lovely! Isn't it amazing what a little time and TLC can accomplish?

I love your fridge poetry, Leenie. I love your use of obsequious and I think the last line should be:

I AM WOMAN - because you're obviously an amazing one.

Anonymous said...

I love iris - we have some in the front garden which should be flowering now, but after the hard winter, all we have are a few pathetic shoots

Pearl said...

That's wonderful. I love having flowers in the house and it can't happen often enough!


Maude Lynn said...

Beautiful flowers!

Sarah said...

I have nearly finished reading The Creative License-I ordered it after I read about him on here-so thanks for putting me onto that book of his! I am doing at least one drawing every day. I always think I draw but when I analyse it I don't very often so I am now doing so. Fun!

susan m hinckley said...

Glad you're on the mend! If those delicious-looking chocolates and beautiful flowers can't do it, nothing can. ("coati" was an answer in a NY Times crossword recently -- kept me stumped almost all week. Wish you'd written that post sooner!)

Keep up the good healing!