Monday, March 28, 2011


When the "spring" snow dumps on Idaho
the trees just give up and stick their heads in the ground.

Nothing shows but their tighty whiteys.

But the marketing people are really smart.

They put things like this near the place where 
a person has to stand in line 
and wait for drugs at the pharmacy.

And they send catalogs like this to
snowbound artists.



Pearl said...

One more week of 30s in Minneapolis and we're to hit 50 by Saturday.

I'm positively giddy. :-)


DayPhoto said...

Shopping is a must.....sure helps with the gray days!


rebecca said...

We have nowhere to put any plants, and it's been driving me crazy to walk past the seeds in the store.

Flea said...

Oooo! Catalog!

My daffodilies are up and the iris swords have turned green and are growing. Woohoo!

Linda Sue said...

Cheap Joes- a fave! I just ordered some stuff from Blick art, because, Here I am and the computer is just there and paypal is but a click...Keeps our heads above water...and snow...

Krista said...

I was attracted immediately to your title! Did some one call my name? I loved the tree trunks in the tighty whities! It took me a minute to get that. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the tighty whities! I try not to look at catalogues, it is all too tempting. But that 'buy with one click' button on Amazon - that is my downfall!!

Sarah said...

Ha ha-sadly I need no encouragement at all to go shopping-it is not going shopping I need the help with! How is your recovery going? Hope it is good. x

susan m hinckley said...

Ditto what Pearl said, but I'm feeling a bit too worn down to be giddy . . . and will believe 50 when I feel it again.

Ooooh -- what coping goodies are we buying, Leenie?

Elizabeth said...

Hope you are doing better
and lots of art therapy will help

still freezing here in NY