Friday, April 15, 2011


No emergencies at work and an almost sunny morning meant ESCAPE TO THE GARDEN!

This is a photo of several of my favorite gardening tools.  The little hand spade is one
I found in my mother's tool shed after she passed away.  It's made of some kind of 
tough, hard metal that doesn't bend and holds an edge.  I just can't find 
things like that  in stores anymore.  I also love the plastic coated gloves 
since, unlike cloth or leather, they work well even when they're wet and muddy.
The pruning shears are great for whacking at branches and sticks.  
Gardening just makes me happy.  Must be the farmer in my blood.

I got in an hour or so of puttering around; gathering up sticks and stems
and digging up a few weeds.  Our long-long winter is fading into flowers.  WooHoo!


elizabeth said...

You must be feeling better!
What a splendid picture of good things.
The little seceteurs almost made me weep with envy --the hours I used to spend in our huge yard on Long Island clipping vines out of trees and reeds in the swamp.
Happy weekend.

TALON said...

You could be posting about me and my favorite tools - all three with me anytime I step into the garden (except when Charlie manages to steal one of my gardening gloves - she loves to play catch-me-if-you-can).

Isn't it wonderful to be out there again? We did the spring clean-up last weekend and enjoyed looking for signs of spring. But guess what? We had freezing temps again today and I'm just crossing everything that we don't...I don't even want to type it!...snow! UGH!

Glad you are feeling well enough to enjoy some gardening, Leenie!

Anzu said...

It's the time for casting seeds of your favorite flowers or planting bulbs. I often find unknown flowers of which I never cast their seeds.
Moreover, I can't find the flowers of which I planted bulbs. These are mysteries of gardening for me. (LOL) I'm looking forward to bloom in your garden. Your garden tools must be lucky charms.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm took over doing the garden when he retired - sometimes I miss working in the garden ...... but then I go and sew nad prefer that!!

Linda Sue said...

WOW I'll bet you could garden in the arctic! No gardening here yet- Too wet, cold, dark and poopy. Wild flowers and bulbish things are brave enough- poking up here and there- it is the tulip festival in La Conner. Sad. The tulips are trying but heart's just not in it.

Sarah said...

Gardening always makes me feel better too. I know what you mean about tools. My last trowel was lovely, but after a lot of tough treatment in the summer trying to dig up tree roots, it bent and broke. At the moment I have a plastic one-surprisingly strong but not as attractive!