Thursday, April 28, 2011


The bike path that goes by the pond was blocked off…

…due to construction by the city of a new water slide.

…so I followed the railroad track.

Photos made even fancier by using
Pioneer Woman’s “Fresh and Colorful” actions.

I discovered a beach party of black cormorants
and white pelicans on the pond.
It doesn’t seem to matter to them who is what color.

A pair of Canada Geese arrived and splashed down.

I got buzzed by a hawk.

With a little looking around I discovered the mama hawk on their nest.

There was lots of singing by daddy birds.

Here is Mr. Redwing.

Letting everyone know it’s finally spring
and he’s staked out his favorite tree for a nest.


Maude Lynn said...

Fabulous pictures! I particularly like the train wheel.

TALON said...

Your photos are gorgeous, Leenie. I'm so glad you're up to hiking again. The baby hawk - how amazing!!

Those Canadian Geese sure get around, don't they? :)

Lady Fi said...

Spring at last?

Marvellous shots - and such gorgeous blue skies.

lizziviggi said...

What avian busyness! I love the cormorants and pelicans together-- a very striking picture.

Anonymous said...

I only knew the Pioneer Woman from her cooking blog - I shal have to explore her photography! Super photos!

susan m hinckley said...

The trill of a redwing blackbird is the only announcement of spring in MN that you can really trust. One of my favorite sounds!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Leenie these are wonderful I do love the red winged black bird my favourite. I sent the Canada Geese to you. haha. Love the pelicans I will trade you some Geese for the Pelicans. they look cool. B

fifi said...

oh my goodness! you have SUCH a skill for photographing birds. Those images are just AMAZING.
I love the redwing....

Elizabeth said...

Cool nature walk!
Only pigeons, sparrows, an odd cardinal and one charming mocking bird.