Sunday, September 11, 2011


Human beings are often gluttons for punishment.  They observe
painful, tortuous and punishing experiences such as child birth, labor 
and delivery; or running a marathon, and want to try it themselves.
And then, when the memories dim, they tell themselves, 
"That wasn't so bad.  Let's do it again."  And they bring along
friends and family for fun and support.

Last year our oldest son, Bobert, rode in the LOTOJA bike race.
Participants cycle 206 miles through three states--
Utah, Wyoming and Idaho--in one day.  Bobert's wife,
Greasy Lightning, was his support crew and met him
at the feeding stops with food and provisions.  We joined her
at the finish line to cheer our hero in.  After the race, Greasy
Lightning proclaimed, "I can do that, " and set out to complete
her goal with Bobert as her cycling partner.

Guess who they talked into being their support crew.
So there we all were in the dark of last Saturday morning in Logan, Utah.
The bikers left in stages, Greasy Lightning ahead of Bobert.
Bobert is an accomplished rider and he soon caught up with his wife.
DH and I traveled with the other support vehicles on a different
route to reduce traffic congestion.
We took the long, long scenic route while the riders made 
their way mostly along main highways.
DH drove, and I rode shotgun.  Long periods of sitting make
my feet swell, so up they go on the dash.
At designated places we waited to refill their water bottles and 
provided high energy food and supplies.
There were over a thousand bicyclists of all abilities and ages.
The course took them over three mountain passes.
The highest topped out at over seven thousand, five hundred feet.
Support cars drove the same route as the riders as they ground their way up 
Salt River Pass. I called it, "The Hill from Hell."
There were plenty of emergency services available in case 
of injuries and medical problems.  We saw and heard about
several accidents, but I don't think anybody died.
Our two bikers journeyed on for miles and miles and
hours and hours, and still had smiles for the camera,
That's Greasy Lightning in the lime green with flowers.
Bobert is leading this pack.
It was late in the afternoon when we met them at the last feeding
stop in Alpine, Wyoming.  The fast and powerful riders had
already finished by this time.
Though Bobert is a strong rider,he stayed with Greasy Lightning to cheer her on.
Even other riders had to smile at his clowning around to rally spirit.
The racers had to deal with several miles of construction along the
Snake River in Wyoming.
Plus more hills as the road gradually gained altitude 
toward the end of the course.
Finally the valley opened up... we arrived in Jackson, Wyoming.
We were quickly running out of daylight and approaching
the cutoff time for the end of the race.
DH and I arrived at the end, parked and hurried
to the finish line with hopes that our team would make it in before dark.
After twelve hours of biking they rode in with time to spare.  Woohoo!!!
Two hundred and six miles, three states, one day.

Greasy Lightning said she was totally excited she finished and that once was enough.


Pearl said...

Crazy! Crazy people!

It's good to know crazy people.


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh My Gosh I have always admired totally crazy people like that.:) Really beautiful scenery I think this was well worth the trip. The stamina and determination in these riders is honourable. Congratulations on a great race. Oh yes love the shoes. B

Linda Sue said...

SO that's where you have been! That post gave me a nose bleed! Whew! I cheered out loud to see your son and daughter hand in hand in the twilight of the horrendous bike trip! They look so super hero! They have the most amazing energy and glow in the dark brightness! WOW! Those two could probably do anything! Beautiful country! Beautiful side road- sensible foot wear on the dash! Love this post MIZ Leenie.

Anairam said...

Wow. I can only applaud. They are crazy AND they look happy - that is an excellent combination, I would say. I am looking forward to experiencing lots more crazy & energetic happenings - vicariously through my laptop, of course. Now I am off to snooze after all this exercise - clicking that mouse button and scrolling through the photos is damned hard work, let me tell you.

Anonymous said...

Amazing - I am worn out just reading about it all! Congratulations to both of them - you must be so proud of them!

Debbie said...

i'm exhausted, i need a nap ;)

and your feet on the dashboard, very supportive!!

susan m hinckley said...

Wow! Amazing! I think it says everything about him that he finished with his wife (and you can probably take credit for that). Gorgeous scenery -- if I were going to attempt such a silly thing (not happening) I'd want to do it there.

Terry and Linda said...

Boy am I impressed! Good for them..I know I'll never be one of those athletics...too old.


Butternut Squash said...

Crazy but proud. They look very pleased with the accomplishment. Hooray!

My husband finished his first marathon back in March. He did well but injured his tendon. A couple of weeks ago he finished recovering, so, yesterday he started talking about doing another one.

Carla said...

I think it's wonderful that 1.) You support them in their racing. and 2.) that they do things like this together.

Congratulations to the whole team--riders and support crew!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh I have been on all those roads..way cool! I enjoyed the journey..what a great race..I am glad they stayed together..!! 206 miles..that is butt would hurt for months:)