Monday, October 17, 2011


Continued from previous post:

While the guys played in the mud, moss and fish slime I had plenty of time to
 kick back, enjoy the scenery and observe the local residents. 

The morning mist gradually melted off the mountains, just recently dusted with snow.

Plenty of birds came and went.---I think these are coots.

Seagulls cruised the vicinity, probably hoping there would be hand-outs, 
left overs or tossed trash fish.

Loons swam by, their familiar call whistling across the water.

I was thoroughly enjoying the romantic sound until Beavis quoted the line from 
"On Golden Pond" in a quavery Katherine Hepburn voice, 
"The loons! The loons, Norman! They're welcoming us back!"

When the fish stopped biting at the first location we drove to another site.
DH pointed out the "eagle tree" and sure enough there was a big, dark
golden eagle perched there. 

He was giving us quite a stare down. 

After it snows the guys come back to this same place to ice fish.
Last winter there was a bald eagle the guys named Charley 
who helped himself to the trash fish that got tossed on the ice.

I was sitting in my camp chair waiting for some fishing action when I saw what
I thought was a small boat moving through the water about a hundred yards away.
When it reached the shore I could see through my zoom lens that it was a huge

bull moose with a giant rack of antlers.  He walked up the shore

...and wandered off into the trees.  Wow!

Now I'm trying to talk myself into tagging along on an ice fishing trip
so I can get my own pictures of Charley.  The last time I went with them
I nearly froze solid, but I really, really want some good photos
 of a bald eagle.  I'm going to have to think about that some more.


Anzu said...

Thanks for sharing their unconstrained attitude in wonderful nature. I'm much interested in the eagle and the bull moose. They might be more fierce animals than I think.I'm out of ghoulish curiosity.

CeeCee said...

Don't your guys build an ice fishing cabin? That would help keep you warm while you took pictures.
That bull moose is something!

Samantha said...

Oh see now you HAVE to go ice fishing or we'll nag you to death!!
Those photos were gorgeous..loved every one.

Buttons said...

Oh these are fantastic I would so go fishing with you guys.
Freezing magnificent photos what a tough choice. I think I would go but oh freezing cold good luck. The things we will do for a photo. B

TexWisGirl said...

this was wonderful! the loons are SO gorgeous! and mr. bull moose is so impressive!

Mama Zen said...

Nice rack!

Hey, someone had to say it!

Sarah said...

A golden eagle! I have always wanted to see one of those! I have never seen a loon-they are very pretty aren't they? Stephen King mentions them in Pet Semetary I think and I associate them with that. I like the quote! And the moose-wow! A small boat-that made me smile. I think you should go ice fishing as I want to see a bald eagle too. Just wear hot water bottles strapped to you and get some of those lightable hand warmers!

Linda Sue said...

astonishing country! Amazing shots That moose is large! If you want pphotos of bald eagles come here- They are abundant and it is not an all day freeze on a lake! Freezing is so unpleasant- but Sarah is on to something- hot water bottles work for a good 20 minutes!

Jill said...

Fantastic photographs Leenie - makes everything round here seem rather small!! (But small can be beautiful too)
I can 'hear' the loons too thanks to On Golden Pond!

Jeannelle said...

Nice shots of all the wildlife! I thought loons only lived in Minnesota...I saw some there once.

Debbie said...

i can't top mama zen's comment!! what we all "want" to say but don't have the guts to say!!

beautiful blues!!

susan m hinckley said...

My but you seem to live a charmed life surrounded by amazing scenery and wildlife! If I hadn't grown up in the west, I would never believe it. Thanks for being so generous and feeding my scenery-starved soul!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely photographs. Nice to be reminded of On Golden Pond because we went out onto Lake Winnepesaukie a few years ago and I believe that is where it was filmed.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great photos..especially your "small boat" I have been looking for one of those..but didn't see one when we were up north.
Very nice Golden Eagle..we have lots of Balds for me they are no big deal:)

Anairam said...

I'm not a very outdoorsey person but given the choice I'll most definitely opt for the coots and eagles above the fish slime.
PS You look all bundled up and cozy - I like the mitts!

Pearl said...

What a beautiful part of the country.


p.s. Sold any warts lately? :-)

Terry and Linda said...

I have some photo wants also...a golden eagle would be on the list...look at what you captured with your lens!



CarrieBoo said...

I somehow missed this when you posted... wow!!! These are amazing!