Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Wherever you go this weekend.  Please be safe.
And come back. 
My blog friends are some of my best friends.

The field of positive psychology (the branch of psychology that teaches how
to have positive mental health instead of how to treat mental illness)
has found significant evidence for what sages and poets have long taught:
that regular expressions of gratitude not only brighten the day
of the recipient, but improve the happiness and resilience of the giver.


TexWisGirl said...

and i am grateful to know you here, too. :)

God bless you and yours!

roobo69 said...

Lovely second photo - so beautifully captured.

Pearl said...

I'll be on the road, Leenie, but I'm always coming back.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Sarah said...

Thanks Leenie! And likewise-it is great having lovely friends around the world.

Buttons said...

Oh my dear friend I have never met I feel exactly the same way. Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your family. B

Linda Sue said...

Oh Leenie- you adorable one! I just want to pick you up and give you a big squeeze!

Kamana said...

happy thanksgiving to you!

frayedattheedge said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my lovely bloggy friend!
A little thank you goes a long way ..... despite being married for so long, we never take each other for granted, and say thank you for all sorts of things - cooking a lovely meal, treating the other to a cuppa when we're out etc. But then, maybe that's one of the reasons we are still happily married!

CarrieBoo said...

What a beautiful sentiment, Leenie. Happy Thanksgiving over border yonder! Have a turkey leg for me.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I know how you feel..blogging buddies are great! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

susan m hinckley said...

Hope it was a wonderful Thanksgiving in Leenie-land. Thanks for being on my list of favorite people I hope to meet someday.