Monday, July 2, 2012


Our California family knew DH and I hadn’t traveled all this way just to see them.

In no time at all we were all sitting down at one of their favorite seafood eateries.

Our table had a view of the marina and plenty of sun and palm trees.

Menus were not long in coming.  
There was a great selection of shellfish entrées 
plus mac and cheese or pizza for those with different ideas of good food.

There was even a drink that included a shark on ice with a vial of “blood.”

DH and I ordered the steamed crab and shrimp.  We were outfitted with official bibs.

---Because this meal was hands on.  
It was yummy enough to make eyes roll to the ceiling 
when we pulled out the fresh crab and shrimp and dipped it in lemon and butter.

The servers turned up the music and did some energetic line dancing for our entertainment.

When we were through there was nothing left but sticky fingers, smiles and shells.

For some reason this member of the family didn't make it into my camera 
on this photo shoot, but she was right across the table sharing
plenty of the latest news.


Anonymous said...

If it gets any hotter here we will have palm trees in South Western Ontario.
Looks like you had a magnificent feast.

Joanne said...

Good company. Good food. Good times.

Linda Sue said...

You got crabs

Leenie said...

Yes, Linda Sue, but we had fun getting them!

Buttons said...

Oh this looks like fun. MMMM sea food. B

heyBJK said...

The food looks delicious, but I have no comment on the t-shirt! LOL

CarrieBoo said...

I love the bright, hippy uniforms and all the t-shirt expressions -- LOL! Crabs seem to going around lately... on blog posts, I mean. :D

Okay, now off to pack. :) Later gater!

Leenie said...

BJK and CarrieBoo--heh heh

Pearl said...

Ack. Two hours until lunch and now I want seafood boil...


Terry and Linda said...

I just love the smiles on everyone's faces. The smiles just don't seem to leave...I know that you had a most delightful time.


Anonymous said...

It would have been mac and cheese for me - seafood and I don't get on!!

Pam said...

Those pics look mouthwatering - what a creative and fun place to eat!

TALON said...

So true - who could ask for more than peace love and crabs? lol!

Looks like a fabulous family time, Leenie.

Wishing you all a beautiful Fourth of July!

city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I will have what you looked great! Have a fun time:)