Friday, July 13, 2012


Yesterday evening the sunset was a red one.  From the hill above town there’s usually a clear view from the Grand Tetons on the Idaho-Wyoming border to the east all the way to Diamond Peak in the Lost River Range to the west.  However, the wind has brought in smoke from wild fires on the eastern side of the state.  The Upper Snake River Valley is hazed in and the air has a burned taste.

Photo borrowed from the Idaho Statesman

According to area newspapers there are at least eleven blazes, mostly started by lightning, that are being fought in the dry, grassy areas along Interstate 84 between Twin Falls and Boise.  One fire jumped the four-lane highway and shut down traffic for several hours on Monday.  A steady 20 mph wind helped spread the fire to 15,000 acres and caused evacuations of homes and businesses.  Another fire covering over 190,000 acres of open range and sagebrush near an air force bombing range has been reported contained.

The low visibility from the smoke around here has not only messed up the view but we are being warned about the health effects from smoke inhalation. 

I’m reminded of a similar situation when I was picking up my grandson from school.  He came sprinting to the car and jumped in all wild-eyed.  He said the teacher had told him the air was dangerous to breathe.  He said it was a “Red Hair Alert” and since he had a head of copper colored hair he was extra worried.


TexWisGirl said...

aww. sweet boy.

i do hope your areas can get the wildfires under control. after reading about feral woman's traumatic survival last week in montana, it is terrifying.

Buttons said...

Oh you make me laugh he is so cute.
These fires scare the pants off me and I do pray the rain comes and stops it. I cannot believe it is only July and we have so much more summer left.It makes me very very sad. Take care of yourself OK. Thank goodness for the humour surrounding us. We all need to laugh. B

Joanne said...

Your grandson's alert is certainly one to know about. I cannot imagine living in a fire prone zone or California and the earthquakes. Good luck to you, may you get the air back sooner than later.

Linda Sue said...

Oh NO! Not that! anything but a red hair alert! Having a toasty summer over there? Raining here...big surprise. After this summer there will be loads of people moving here- after all under our red hair we are a great percentage of water.
I want to move to England!

Val said...

I'll pass that Red Hair Alert on to my mother, sister, and nephew. Their tresses are the color of the flames in that picture.

heyBJK said...

LOL! That's funny! What he said, not the fires. I hope you don't end up with any wildfires close to enough to put you in danger.

Alica said...

Those wild fires must just be awful! I can't imagine.
What a sweet cute!

Terry and Linda said...

SCARY! Frightening! The west is burning! (Although, I did get a chuckle about the red-hair alert--aren't children just the best of everything.)

Prays for you and all of those effected by the horrible fires!!!


Elizabeth said...

Sending lots of love and RAIN your way.
Nature can be horribly cruel sometimes.
Hope little red-head is safe and well.