Tuesday, November 6, 2012


All families have weird characteristics.  Ours has plenty.  There’s the red hair, freckles, the short, wide feet, being geeky and proud of it, changing into vampires, and running.

Long story short there was a half marathon race, (that’s just over 13 miles) being held in Boise, Idaho and two of our sons, one daughter and one daughter-in-law all decided to enter. 

Boise is a five hour drive across the brushy part of the state.

It’s not uncommon to see herds of pronghorn antelope there
 and we saw several.  Running is part of their family life too.

 We came out on the low side of Idaho and into busy traffic.
 We found a place to stay and did a little carbo loading at a steak house. 

The next morning our four sprinted off with the rest of the hundreds of racers who’d paid good money and traveled far for the opportunity to run up and down hills for miles only to end up at the same place where they started.

Bobert was the first of our group to come in.
He finished in a swift 1:37:32.

Greasylightning was not far behind at 1:50:17.

 We didn’t have to wait long for Beavis to show up.
  His time was 2:18:29.

Bobert and Greasylightning met and ran in with him.

Only one left to go.  We waited and waited for Spidee.

Her fan club—at least the daughter section--
practiced the wave.

The son section pretended not to be with them.

Brother and Sister-in-Law went out and found Spidee.
She’d jammed a knee on a big downhill and was hurting when she came in.

 By the time she headed for the finish they’d trash talked her into a smile.

Bunch of weirdoes.


Anairam said...

I always suspected you were a little weird, Leenie - the best people always are. But now I want to know, are you running-up-and-down-hills weird, or are you vampire-weird?? Hehehehe.
PS Yes, I was squirrel chasing too - I was at the other end of the lead, and when Snous gets going, she simply DRAGS me along, there is no holding back!

Anonymous said...

And congrats to all for finishing...pain and all.

Joanne Noragon said...

Awwww. I smiled them all across the line. Nice job all around.

Terry and Linda said...

Whew! I don't think I could run one ever. But you are so athletic I'm not surprised that you ran and did well!


Buttons Thoughts said...

Congratulations to all the weirdos I hope the poor injured weirdo is doing OK that sounds painful. I love the cheering section and the totally embarrassed smiley:) section.
I love weird families makes me feel normal in mine.B

Alica said...

They may be weirdos, but they look like they're fun loving weirdos, so that makes it ok! :)

Anonymous said...

O.K- so your family calls this enjoyment?? Throw in the pain factor and yeah, weird.
I'm jealous actually- the extent of my running is when I've forgotten to put out the garbage bins and hear the truck coming and that just about kills me!
Nice work , and loved those photos!

Carla said...

Yup, crazy. Just kidding. Congratulations to all of them!

Val said...

Beautiful scenery for a geek outing. Such an enthusiastic audience!

The red hair, freckles, and proud geekiness runs in our family, too. But I am the only one who was ever known to run. 10K was my limit, and that was long ago.