Friday, March 13, 2015


Back in 2001 our junior college, Ricks College, transitioned to a four-year university and was renamed Brigham Young University-Idaho.

 We have been under a constant state of construction ever since.  Housing has been a major part of the development with campus buildings and infrastructure following at a rapid pace.

In fact our little town is still suffering a bad case of growing pains over a decade later.

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This morning I walked around the corner and saw another demolition site.  I think this will become a much needed campus parking lot. This is looking southeast on Center Street with the post office to my back and the campus on the right.

 This is a view behind the post office.  Huge five story apartments have replaced a lot of private homes just north of campus.  You can see a parking garage and the lights for the football stadium in the center of this picture.

 A few yards farther on the corner of First South and First West, apartments tower on both sides of the street.

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 It was shock to see the building where I worked for several years, on the corner of Main and Second East, reduced to rubble.  This is looking northeast with Walgreens behind me and the court house on the left. I haven’t learned what will replace this brick office building.

 The building where I spend so many hours and its chestnut and pine trees are just—gone!

 I could hear the roar of a chainsaw and looked east toward the hospital to see workers taking down more trees.  One dropped while I took these photos and I suspect they will all be gone by noon.
 Up on the hill south of campus, concrete is being poured this morning for the new Science and Technology Building.  The original building where DH taught computer technology for over thirty years is out of the picture to the right and the Benson Building is behind me.

That’s a LOT of concrete and it’s going down on the deep lava bedrock of the hill known as the Rexburg Bench.

 As surprising as it is to see landmarks disappear, it is also amazing to see how quickly the new construction can go up.

 Here’s another vacant lot looking northeast across from Kennedy Elementary School.  It used to be the location for Squires Brick and Stone. 

For all the new stuff in this town, we still don’t have much of a selection of places to eat.  However, there is a new Maverick gas station just off the center exit where we can get donuts and warmed-over hot dogs.


Joanne Noragon said...

Reminds me of Case Western Reserve reclaiming space from the surrounding old city of Cleveland; many of the turn of the century mansions along Euclid Avenue fell to the wrecking ball and rose again as impressive class buildings for specialties--law and sociology are two I can think of there where I walked to so many classes. It's good change. Especially if the young restaurateurs come to town.

Val said...

I hate progress as much as Lou Grant hates spunk.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

i think it's sad when you see buildings come down. especially older buildings, or TREES! and then come the new 'all look the same' apartment buildings...or parking lots.
here, where i's a college town & it seems on almost every block or so there's some kind of construction going on.
oh well....

Terry and Linda said...

It seems progress really means eliminating the past. I'm all about the past...but I think you know that.

Linda ★★

Carla said...

That sort of rampant growth makes me sad. I suppose it will be a boom for your local economy, but you are officially becoming a college town.