Sunday, April 19, 2015


The semester has ended at the university and after a lot of flap about caps and gowns, most of the students packed their cars to the windows and left town.

 They didn’t always get everything crammed down tight before they hit the road.

 At least that might be one explanation for all the socks I’ve been seeing on my morning outings.  Although I have other theories about the mysterious life of socks.

 I discovered this lone shoe near a bend in the main road out of town.  What do you bet it was set on top of a car with its mate and forgotten by some guy in his haste to be gone from our fair city.

 Then there’s this fish I saw on the bike path. I’m blaming Lew Zealand and his boomerang fish throwing act.

 His advice for a successful fish throw, “Well, you gotta have sole. And if you can’t get sole, use halibut.”  Looks like trout don’t boomerang.

 Saturday morning I was riding my bike across a bridge and stopped to get a better look at a moose getting a drink out of the river.  All I had was my cell phone for a camera so the image is small but you can see the moose there on the left.  While I was taking this picture a runner went by and hardly glanced at what I had found so interesting.  Sometimes I think stopping to check out the scenery should take a little more precedence over speed and time.


Alica said...

Oh the treasures we can find if only we pay attention! :)

Val said...

I'm surprised people even manage to get dressed these days.

joeh said...

People miss so much with their ears all plugged up with I-pods and stuff.

Anonymous said...

The students are on the move here as well....piles of unwanted furniture on the curbs outside of rentals.

jabblog said...

What lovely finds! As for those who do not take time to stand and stare, I feel sorry that they miss so much.

Linda Sue said...

When it used to snow here, Dexter and I would find stuff that had thawed, never a fish! Never a moose!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Some people are just oblivious to what surrounds them. Sounds just like that runner. I'd have been hanging out as long as the moose was there!!