Friday, April 10, 2015


PENNSYLVANIA! Punxsutawney Phil!

Blinded by the light.  Dressed up like Medusa with hair rollers in the night.

She's got a chicken to ride and she don't care.

I've got two chickens to paralyze.
I've got flu rickets and parasites.

Gimme the beef, boys and feed my soul.  I wanna get lost in a kaiser roll.

Rocket Man!  Burnin' up his shoes with aerosol!

You make the rice.  I'll make the gravy.  But it just may be a tuna fish we're lookin' for.

I'm blue. If I was green I would die.  
If I was green I would die. 
If I was green I would die.

I left my brains down in Africa.
There's nothin' that a hundred men on Mars could ever do.

(If I was green I would die. 
If I was green I would die.)

Oh, Canada!  We stand on cars and freeze!


Alica said...

:) Took me a minute, and then I just had to shake my head at your sense of humor!

Geo. said...

Oh, this is delightful. As I've got older, I mis-hear an awful lot of lyrics --and conversations--and it can be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

"Stand on cars and freeze" yep...that's us for sure.

Terry and Linda said...

You had me laughing out loud!


Val said...

I am partial to the chicken. I was waiting for, "I'll never be your pizza burger."

Carla said...

"Lucy in disguise with diamonds..."
"She's got electric boobs, a mohair suit and she's badder than a pack of hyenaaaaaas...."

Janice Grinyer said...

LOLOLOL "why yes, I do hear music in the woods..."