Tuesday, May 12, 2015


For my latest painting I revisited an excursion by boat through some of the channels along the passage between Vancouver Island and the west coast of British Columbia.

I started with a line drawing of the boat we were on, the MV David B, and put the misty, forested mountains which drop down to the deep sea as a background for the painting.

 After I masked out the areas I wanted to preserve from washes of color, I floated in some rainbow pigments and a sky blue.

 I added some loose shapes for the dark mountains and the first wash for the sea water.

 Over the earlier washes I added more details to the mountains and sea.

 When those layers were dry, I removed the masking so I could finish the boat and add more details to the water.

I decided to call it “Navigating the Northwest.”
This 11x14 inch painting and several others are available for purchase on my Etsy site, Watercolors by Leenie.


joeh said...

Fun to see the different stages the end result is excellent.

Alica said...

Watching your paintings come together is fascinating to me. I couldn't do it, but it's fun to watch the process, and to see the beautiful end result. The northwest is for sure a great subject for your paintings!

fishducky said...

Another beautiful painting!!

Linda Sue said...

SKILLS! you are a ninja of water color!

Terry and Linda said...

Very well done!


Val said...

I'm not much of a water-lover, but I do like your vessel.