Thursday, June 4, 2015


With only a week to go until the first campers arrive, DH and I have found ourselves learning new skills and trusted with some unfamiliar equipment.  But first; an update on the renovation of the main lodge of the summer camp.

 This is Black, Brown and Beck ripping off an old wall of particle board that had been marked by a skunk years ago and still retained its “Eau de Pepe Lepew.”

 A couple of days ago the construction advanced to adding the roof trusses.

This job has gone quickly and very well, and a lot of the work has been done by volunteers.

 The other day, DH and I went to work repairing the ceiling of a porch that was damaged during the winter.

 Then DH was given the assignment to take the big mower to a huge lawn that was growing at double speed with all the warm weather and rain.  They also needed someone to drive the smaller mower around in areas where the big one didn’t fit.

 Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I suddenly found myself riding on a machine that has a mind of her own.  She bucks for a while when you first get in the saddle.  Then she tries to take the bit in her mouth and head for the barn.  If that fails, she runs under a tree branch to try and dump the rider.

We also got recruited into preparing the pool for a new coat of paint.

We got to take a brand new pressure washer out of the box and spend all of an afternoon playing in the water.  It would’ve been a lot more fun if the old water pump had been in working order.  We had to slurp the dregs out of the pool with a shop-vac and then bucket out the sludge filled with dirt, dead bugs and heaps of old paint chunks.

I think we’ll both look at cabins, lawns, swimming pools and a lot of other things with different eyes after this summer.


Carla said...

Good gravy you're busy!! You had two of my favorite jobs---mowing and pressure washing. I'm weird that way. Mostly because using both those machines results in a job that STAYS done for a bit.

Terry and Linda said...

Goodness! You both are doing an outstanding volunteer job!


Val said...

So what do you do with an old wall that smells like skunk? Burn it? Soak it in tomato juice?

Alica said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy the next few months, but oh what fun at a summer camp! I have great memories of working at several near home, and one more rustic one in Virginia. Every kid should have a summer camp experience!