Saturday, July 25, 2015


Last Sunday DH and I arrived for a dinner appointment with a friendly group of campers to find they’d been having so much fun that they hadn’t even begun to prepare their evening meal.

 We decided to do a little exploring while we waited.  We’d wanted to check out a hiking trail to a place called Sheep Falls so we got on our ATV and traveled down the road and found the forest service sign telling us our goal was four miles away.  However, there were several cross roads and we missed a turn or two before we found the trail.  The way was steep and washed out so it took a while to make it to the river.
Since it was near sunset by then, we were able to see the mist rising up from the falling water in the distance.
 We could also hear the roar of water thundering down into the gorge long before we arrived.

 The angle of sunlight made a rainbow over the falls.  We were glad we’d survived the rough trip to see such a beautiful sight.  Unfortunately our little adventure took much longer than we’d planned and people back at camp were getting ready to send out a search party.  We got in trouble for not telling anyone where we went.


Val said... were probably starving by then. I hope their concern for you didn't delay the meal preparation!

Terry and Linda said...

A perfect rainbow to your wonderful hike!


fishducky said...

Sometimes you just have to wander!!

Leenie said...

Val: No didn't delay their meal. Their menu was dutch oven chicken and potatoes which takes quite a while to prepare.

Buttons Thoughts said...

That is a definite NO NO but I sure di enjoy your NO NO shots. Hug B

Linda Sue said...

oh yes! Adventure always, dinner can wait! Love what you found there! Stunning and worth the worry!!