Wednesday, September 9, 2015


No matter how we try to hang on to the last golden days of summer, the chill of autumn warns us we need to get ready for cold weather.

Squirrels at camp are working overtime to gather every pine cone they can lay their paws on.  Well, not every pine cone.  Each one has to be carefully examined to make sure it is just right.

 This one certainly measures up to squirrel specifications.

 We’ve watched their frenzied gathering as we’ve gone about our own preparations to help winterize camp.

 Where are all these pine cones being stashed?

 We found bushels of them stockpiled in the wood shed. Now you know where the term, “squirrelled away” comes from.

 And the squirrels aren’t stopping any time soon.  This may be a sign of a hard winter ahead.

 I was told about this deposit made not far from our camp trailer.  I put down a roll of packing tape here to give an idea of the size of the thing.  It's bear scat.  This critter hasn’t been scarfing down pic-a-nic baskets.  He’s been dining on gobs of berries, and then leaving the seeds in a new place with plenty of fertilizer.

 Too much fiber can cause the squits.  Our bear visitor didn’t make it to the porta potties.

 We’ve spent all summer warning campers about bears.  They were here first and they’re no joke.  As much as we’ve loved our summer in the woods, I’m looking forward to returning to civilization.


joeh said...

Well that answers the question, bears do shit in the woods and around camp. Must be a big one!

Val said...

Dang! You found TWO mother lodes!

Linda Sue said...

actually that scat looks like it might be yummy on toast. sort of figgy! Your squirrel photos are the cutest!

Terry and Linda said...

Getting close should be home by the end of the month. What a great summer you had though.


Alica said... nice of him/her to warn you that he's around somewhere. Hope it wasn't still warm when you saw it!