Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Even though the sun seems to think it’s okay to sleep in and neglect its job of warming the morning air, I still get up early a few times a week and go for a walk.

 One morning last week I arrived at the river bridge when the sky was lighting up with a glorious sunrise.  I regretted the only camera I had with me was my cell phone. Although it did a pretty good job of capturing the moment.

On I tramped, following the river road with my mind wandering about when I heard a galloping sound.  Well, of course I thought it must be horses.

 It sorta looked like horses.  But I pulled out my cell phone and grabbed a fuzzy photo when I realized it was mooses not horses.

 Dang! If I’d had my Nikon I most likely would have a clear photo of this momma and her calf stopping to see what scared them out of the trees. 

They hurried off into the willows and disappeared down the river.  I walked on and didn’t see anything else remarkable.

SO…this morning when I decided to go along the same path, I grabbed my camera with the zoom lens so I would be ready when I heard hoof beats.

 The big Hunter’s Moon had spent the whole night lighting up the sky and was heading for bed.

By the time I arrived on the bridge, the sun was painting the sky with another brilliant sunrise.  This time I could capture the tip of the Grand Teton in Wyoming poking up just behind the Big Hole Mountains.

 I got a few more shots of the sunrise and, as the sky grew a little lighter, I carried my camera down the road where I’d seen the moose the week before.

 The pink sky reflected in the pond where a flock of Canada geese were taking a break on their trip south.

 More geese were already up and on their way.

Only gooses, no mooses, no hoof beats, not even any horses waited for me as I walked down the road.

 By the time I turned for home the moon was settling down and giving up the day to the sun.  Yeah, even though I didn’t get to shoot a moose or two, it had still been a good walk and a good start for the day.  


fishducky said...

I loved your line about the moon heading for bed!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry there were no moose for you but those moon shots are incredible.

Terry and Linda said...

Your moon photos are outstanding. I love the world you live in!


Linda Sue said...

Oh COOL! I miss the wild things living up here in the rain soaked asphalted hood...I have to create my our "wild"...Your photos are great! I like the sort of impressionistic mooses, ARTY! Realism is not as appealing so shoot on, with your phone, The photos are GREAT!

Val said...

No mooses here. But we have the moon! And last evening, at sunset, I saw over 20 turkeys in a field, scattered among giant round hay bales. You could have taken a fantastic picture of that.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, you lucky girl!!! No mooses here on my mountain, just lots of birdies, squirrels and the occasional deer.

Alica said...

You get better wildlife photo ops than most of us will ever have! The mooses :) look like they're just out for a casual stroll. Hum-dee-dum...

Anairam said...

You live in a lovely area, and you capture the mood of your walk so well with your pictures and words! PS I wrote an answer in my blog comments re. the discarded dreams. Love that poem, btw.