Tuesday, April 5, 2016


In April 2014 I took up the Thirty Day Challenge---that is; work daily at something you wish to learn or improve on for thirty days.  I chose a rather easy challenge; take a photo a day for thirty days and post it on my blog.  My difficulty was more to edit all the photos down to one or two a day.  My reward was to become more focused on my surroundings and I probably strengthened a few muscles carrying around my big Nikon with the zoom lens.

This year I began the challenge at the same time as a road trip to southern California to visit with children and grandchildren.  There was more than one photo a day for these first four days.

Anyway, for April first, here are a few shots of our marathon drive of a thousand miles in one day.

 Breakfast just south of Salt Lake City, Utah.

On down the highway to our goal.

 Lunch near Las Vegas, Nevada.

 Through the Mojave Desert which was green and blooming thanks to recent plentiful rain.

 Then we found ourselves in a parking lot on Interstate 15.

 Due to an accident.

 The remains of a tanker truck were being loaded on a flatbed truck to clear the way.

The delay put us right in the middle of the evening rush hour going into Los Angeles.  (No photos, I was navigator.)  It was an understatement to say these Idaho Spuds felt like we were on the worst Disney Ride ever with no assurance we would arrive undamaged at the end.  Still, the Google Maps Lady guided us calmly through the wild rumpus and we found ourselves at our destination just in time for dinner.  And it was still hot.

Side note:  this is Side Trips blog post number one thousand. 


Alica said...

Yikes! And I thought Lancaster County tourist traffic was bad! Have fun!

Val said...

ACK! Such traffic would be not-heaven on earth for me!