Monday, April 25, 2016


A photo a day for 30 days

The Saver

Today I thought I'd clean out the trunk,
And throw away some of that worn-out junk,
 The little red overalls, worn at the knee,
The raggedy sweater, used by my three,

 The faded old jacket that Kenny wore
The first time he went with his Dad to the store,

 The myriad anklets, many unmatched,
And several wee shirts, patched and unpatched,
The dress that's too small for Betty to wear,
The ribbon that never would stay in her hair, 
Paul's baby cap his old woolen bunting, 
Small worn things for which I'd been hunting,
Oh, I sorted out lots of worn-out junk,
Then I tenderly packed it all back in the trunk.

By Kathleen Wastlund

 Our first baby wearing the Mini-Tonka moccasins.

All the kids wore the Mini-Tonka moccasins.


joeh said...

I didn't think you would throw any of that away.

Alica said...

Yup...sounds like me. Some things you just can't part with! :)

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh, it is hard to throw away those stories. I could not do it and I am pretty sure you cannot either.andI love the pick of poem.Hug B