Wednesday, April 5, 2017

National Poetry Month Day Five

Prompt:  Write a 15-20 line poem in which the first word always begins with the same word e.g. Praise, begin, let, understand, trust, believe, etc.  Address it to someone specific, or an inanimate object.  Extra credit: use name of city or science team.


Spring! That time of year when the sun
springs up directly in the east, flowers
spring from the soil and frozen
springs thaw.  Blackbirds return and sing
Spring!   And so, my off-
spring from your bed.  I hate to
spring it to you but Daylight Savings time
sprung the clocks ahead an hour.
Spring forward!  Do not fall back into that bed of sagging
springs.  If you don’t
spring up and
spring into action, you will be late for school and your class will go to
Springfield without you.

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