Thursday, April 23, 2020


NaPoWriMo PROMPT: Write a poem about a particular letter of the alphabet, or perhaps, the letters that form a short word.

The Twenty-Seventh Letter 

She follows after Z. 
Most agree she is a character,
And a bit eccentric, 
But she knows how to make connections.  
When she’s Roman 
And Italic--she‘s curvaceous.

 Sometimes she’s relaxed,

 Sometimes extra curvy.

Almost always dynamic.

Occasionally traditional,

 Or peculiar.

 Palatino Italic

Or, one of my favorites, 
A true classic.
But don’t call her a dingbat. 
Dingbats are just ornamental.
By herself she is
And per se: the word.

An ampersand is a cursive form of the Latin word "et" which means "and."

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Namratha Varadharajan said...

Lovely! You invented a letter:)