Monday, October 13, 2008


Six weeks ago a predawn walk in the park involved a crowded path and near misses with youthful runners; usually co-eds intent on preventing the packing on of the freshman fifteen. This morning, with a frosting of snow covering the grass and trees, I was really alone. Not even the thundering herd of ROTC cadets was there to crowd me off the trail (wannies). The only hazards were the homes on the way where the sprinklers had not been turned off for the winter. There the grass and the sidewalks had become a skating rink. I had to decide whether to chance becoming a hockey puck by staying on the sidewalk or a crash test dummy by walking in the street. There was a slight breeze, but it brought the comforting smell of breakfast cooking from the campus cafeteria and fresh donuts from the bakery. By the time I crossed Main Street the sky was brighter behind the eastern mountains, but even the sun has started to go south with the ducks.
By the way, I think our mailman has a flag phobia. Every time the scouts put up U.S. flags in all the yards, he won't deliver the mail!?!

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Unknown said...

That is what it is all about.... the wannies miss out for sure! Bring on winter!
(I think I am feeling better)