Saturday, October 11, 2008


Halloween is approaching. During the last two days you could hear creaking and groaning coming from our attic. I set up my camera and used the remote to capture the above photo of two spooky figures up there. It was just Hubby and I installing insulation. We hope to use a little less fuel to heat the house this winter, even though it may cost more than last year anyway.

Crawling around in the old insulation and rock wool was a real experience in itchiness. The floating fiberglass went down our necks and into our ears…aaarrrgh. We installed eighty sections. Each was eight feet long. My only question is: do they have to kill the pink panthers to get all that fuzz or do they just shear them?


Anonymous said...

My biggest concern was if the mask didn't catch it all - and some of that glass/rock wool gets into the lungs. The mask looks gross enough, after breathing through it, but the idea of having that crud in your breathing system is enough to give you lung cancer nightmares.

Never thought about how the poor pink panther fares in the experience.

Leenie said...

To Brian: Like I said, "Scary things in the attic." Floating fiberglass and rockwool were one of the reasons this house is probably a hundred years old and the attic had never been insulated. (cough cough)

Unknown said...

At this time I would like to write an poem dedicated to the poor pink panther:
He was fuzzy, pink, and Oh so sleek.
He had a pick nose and great big feet.
But now that he's gone I feel no attachy
because his insulation is SCRATCHY!

I will have to survey your handy work in the attic when we come to visit..... looking forward to the "Poltergiest" race... that may be what I am when I finish!