Friday, January 30, 2009


The hearty souls who spend hours driving snow plows, usually in blizzard conditions, and often all night have a thankless job. Without their hard work their neighbors would be unable to travel down the streets and roads.

However, they have to put all that snow somewhere; and it usually ends up in huge ridges across the driveways. We live on a dead-end street --four houses on each side. In years past the city sent a front loader to clear the way. They pushed the snow either into the vacant lot at the end, or dumped it into the canal at the other. Now there is a house at the end of the street.

The city sends THE BLADE, a large road grader

that backs down our street, lowers the blade,

and drives forward--forcing ALL the snow in the street to one side---our side.

DH was shoveling out the parking area around the cars this morning when the snow plow went by. I won't tell you what he said when the snow was emptied into our drive. AGAIN.


Unknown said...

Still not missing the snow. I've heard a rumor your heading for the sun! Tell my Goofy B HI! from me, and let My DD know that its great exercise to clear all the frozen ice blocks from the driveway... is he wearing his counter while he is out there????

Leenie said...

Rumors may be true. Gotta come up for air sometime ya know. Snow removal is great exercise.

Hilary said...

Ugh.. that's the height of snow-shoveling frustration. Been there several times this winter. I empathize.

olivia said...

Oh no ... I'm sorry ... I can so relate. I had to shovel out the end of my driveway so I could get to work this past week -- There I was at 6am chipping away at the 2ft mound of crap ... it took me almost an hour to get a space big enough to get my car through. Arghhhh!

LOL, hope you're having a good w/e there.

Woman in a Window said...

AND that's where I brought my kids the other day (my current post) the dump truck graveyard. All that snow ends up somewhere. Ours ends up in turtlebacked ridge. At least that's what it looked like.