Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is a photograph of a watercolor I painted and sold over twenty years ago. It is a picture of a landmark grain elevator.

So called because grain is lifted from a loaded truck using an endless chain with many buckets attached and then sent to one of the large storage silos. The process is reversed when the grain is to be sold or planted.

On the top is a star covered with lights that are turned on at Christmas time. In the dark the star seems to hover over the town.

As with most agricultural areas the grain elevator is one of the tallest structures around.

Twenty years later not much has changed.

Except now the star is joined by an array of satellite dishes and antennas.


Anairam said...

Your painting is awesome, Leenie! I love paintings of buildings, the architecture, architectural details, etc , and I find it interesting that I prefer these over paintings of nature. (I am saying "interesting" because most people seem to have the opposite preference.)

Linda Sue said...

So cool! Of course your painting sends me into fits of rapture- I drool and shriek and carry on...Love the cresent moon with venus and the magic wand at the top of the grainery.
Your painting- better than the real know that, of course, you do.

Anonymous said...

I love your watercolour - I am just so much in awe of people who can produce such wonderful work (well, you've seen my drawing!!)


So that's what progress looks like.

Jill said...

What a great lesson - not only is your great painting a social record of time standing still (plus a few satellite dishes) but also shows how much character a good painting can add to a rather bleak industrial scene

painted fish studio said...

beautiful painting, and i love the juxtaposition of the current photos. some times big change just isn't needed.

Pam said...

A great painting Leenie, and I love the photo with the sliver of moon, star and little lights in the darkness - wonderful.

Kilauea Poetry said...

I had to comment..this is terrific-nice job and share you your old watercolor!
I don't know where I am..suppose I'm looking for a Weekend Reflection..ha ha
Regards, Regina-