Saturday, May 15, 2010


There’s a bird bath in our garden just outside the dining room window.

Many birds pause there to get a drink.

But the other day I caught a glimpse of
a flash of blue and a lot of splattering water. I realized it was a Lazuli Bunting taking advantage of the bath to get rid of some travel dirt.

These little birds look like pieces of sky on a brilliant day.

For a week or so in the middle of May we see them as they take a break on their migration north.
By the time I got my camera Mr. Bunting had moved from the bath to some brush where he could take a shower in the sprinkler.

It sort of reminded me of the Seven Dwarves when they decided to wash up for Snow white.

Now scrub good an' hard
It can't be denied

That he'll look mighty cute
As soon as he's dried

Well it's good for the soul
And it's good for the hide
To go blud-dle-ud-dle-ud-dle

And then he was gone.


Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh fantastic shots..beautiful blue ones with a touch of yellow! Love the capture in flight!I can hear the song!! Ha, nice Leenie-

Jill said...

A magical capture, what a beautiful bird, shame he isn't staying.

Anonymous said...

These are fabulos photos - I haven't seen a bird like that before.

Linda Sue said...

What a glorious little bird- you got the BEST shots! Brilliant! Award winning! Very sweet visual story- love the little blue bird- his cleverness borrowing a bit of sky to invisibly make his way north.Great shots, Neener.


What a beautiful shade of blue. Thanks for capturing that. I am enjoying your bird watching.

kendalee said...

I love that you captured a whole little story, and then shared it with us - gorgeous! That blue-est of blueness is the colour I'd choose to be if I were a bird.

Anairam said...

Too beautiful! Indeed a piece of blue sky, lapis lazuli, the sea on a bright sunny day ... and you have captured him/her wonderfully ...

Laura said...

I've not heard of a Lazuli Bunting before; here we have Indigo Buntings; and I belive I saw a glimpse of one the other day. The blues on those birds are breathtaking; it's too bad they don't stay for the summer for you, but at least you got a great show before he moves on.

DayPhoto said...

You do a really nice job of photography....Bird are very hard to take photos of (they MOVE all the time).