Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I’m not a “birder.” I can’t identify specific species. That gets too complicated too fast. In fact, I sometime just give them better names.

This is some kind of goldfinch. I just call them “flying bananas.” Note how this little guy is getting ready to chuck a sunflower seed off the feeder. This is the reason I have dozens of sunflowers coming up in my garden…in the wrong places.

I love how this picture shows his ear as the wind fluffs up his feathers.

I also get a kick out of how they puff up their feathers in the cold weather.

This one matches the mug shot of a white crowned sparrow in my bird book.

I think he looks like he is wearing one of those biker “do-rags."

There is probably a story about the cross on the back of his head.

Meet Lola and Spike CassinsFinch. They both have been using a lot of hair product. She also appears a bit cranky.

Maybe it’s because of what he said when she asked, “Do my feathers make my butt look big?”

“Hey, I meant it when I said I love your big butt!”

“What did I say?”



ThirdCat said...

flying bananas...that is hilarious.

Kilauea Poetry said...

This was too cool- Of course I enjoyed the narration! Wow, what a variety of birds!! These are terrific!

DayPhoto said...


You made my morning!


Janie said...

Great bird photos! I love to look at them, even though I don't necessarily know their names, either.


Did the visitations occur over a short period of time or did you keep going back to the feeder with your camera?

Jill said...

Fab pictures and your storyline really raised a big smile!

Krista said...

The do-rag! It totally looked like one! I'm sure the girl will get over the big butt comment like water off a duck's back. :P You could have made up any sort of species or made up a Latin name and some of us would never know the difference!

Paul C said...

Wonderful detail in these close-ups. Beautiful feathers.

Paul C said...

Wonderful details in these diminutive birds.

Mama Zen said...

Great pictures!

Runningspider said...

Great pics! Your commentary was exactly what they were saying! I didn't know you spoke "bird".

ewix said...

Such lovely birds
here in the city too many sparrows and pigeons
I mean, I do like them but we need some of your ones with the biker do-rags too!

CeeCee said...

Ah, a white crowned sparrow. Now I know what it is w/o even looking in my bird book. We had one at our bird bath the other day and my hubby said, "What kind of bird is that. It looks like it's wearing a bicycle helmet?"

I loved your pictures and your commentary.
"Females....sheeesh!" LOL~

frayedattheedge said...

I love Lola and Spike!! Super photos, and great commentary!

Kamana said...

what fun!

Pam said...

Loved this post! The birdie commentaries were priceless.

kendalee said...

This made me laugh out loud and your names are waaaaay better than the boring old names they have in the books! In fact, I think you should compile a book of your own... seriously. I'd buy it.