Saturday, August 7, 2010


During the afternoon big puffy clouds formed in the sky.

The air got really muggy and hot.  Thomas melted.

The clouds got blacker and uglier.

The wind began to blow.

Lightning!  And the clap of thunder that followed sent Thomas flying for cover.

Then big fat raindrops fell.  Everything was washed and cooled.  Whew!


CeeCee said...

Great pictures!! I still have not managed to capture lightning. I don't think I ever will.

Pam said...

With this and the previous post, I get the impression that's some interaction with Nature that you've having over there!

Leenie said...

CeeCee: I fudged the lightning shot with Photoshop. It was another "reenactment" of a moment when I was too shocked to think of taking pictures.

Pam: Either that or I'm just paranoid.

TALON said...

Thomas was right to run for cover! (He's cutie!) You captured the essence of a storm perfectly.

Linda Sue said...

I like how you levitated your kitty. You are so magic! Thunder lightening and loads of rain here- Makes me incredibly sleepy- we don't have your beautiful skies- just bland darkness, no drama, the lightening is not even interesting.

Elizabeth said...

Love your new picture of you!
What a storm.
Your cat looks exactly like Tigger
my childhood cat.
Just been over to Linda Sue's seems like we are quite a little gang of crazy bloggettes
wouldn't it be fun to get togethein the real world
one day.....

frayedattheedge said...

Super photos - we used to get amazing storms when we lived in Indonesia - and we have seen some very scary lightning in Singapore!

Sarah said...

Great storm pictures-especially your cat melting! And I will definitely visit on my book tour!

DayPhoto said...

Loved the photo of Thomas melting! And you got a lighting strike. I keep trying and trying, but I can never seem to get one!