Sunday, September 19, 2010


Here it is September and my roses have finally recovered from winter kill, put on new growth, survived the whole two weeks of summer "heat" and are blooming their brazen little hearts out for the two weeks before winter hits.  That’s boudacious.
(Barbara Bush rose)

She was young but not naïve
Always wise beyond her years
(Aroma Therapy)

Hoping that no one would see
Every time she dried her tears.
(Black Magic)

In the rose garden

Where the rain is falling

And the thorns are sharpen.

Rose garden

(Fragrant Cloud)

Rose garden.

RoOOose garden.


Lyrics from “Rose Garden” 
I’m not REALLY into Nick Jonas, although he IS too handsome for his hair.


Linda Sue said...

Best thing about Jonas bro is his hair! Your roses are exquisite! Takes a lot to keep them beautiful- We don't have roses unless they are wild volunteers. You must be a very good gardener! They are the most incredible in your care- the perfect flower.

Anonymous said...

Your roses are gorgeous - but that young man is quite cute too .... as we would say 'I wouldn't kick him out of bed on a cold winter's night'!!

TALON said...

Those roses are...what's the word? Magnificent! I love love love white roses and your photos make me feel like I could reach through the screen and pick one.

Everything goes in cycles and is it ever true for young men and their hair these's like a 80's deja-vu! lol!

Boyles Family Farms said...

Your roses are lovely. . .as is Jonas hair :)

fifi said...

oh, I'll bet they have the most lovely perfume too....

susan m hinckley said...

Beautiful! My mother often described bedraggled things as looking like the "last rose of summer" but I think there's something splendid and lovely about them. I appreciate them more, I suppose, because I know they won't last.

Kilauea Poetry said...

This is just the loveliest series of roses Leenie! Wow..and these you grew too- just stunning!! You should be proud of yourself!
I just checked out your photos on my main computer plus the link first (cause my phone takes awhile to load those purdy pictures (ha ha)..well I crawled back in bed to get you would think I should feel nice peaceful after looking at all your pretty flowers!? Truth is, the tree frogs (they aren't brand new pests here) but gee- I'd like to go out and pop them with a pellet gun! They even woke me up last night (so loud)!!

DayPhoto said...

Your roses are gorgeous! Two weeks and you have killing frost!! NO! The summer is still young!