Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This morning my computer weather bug icon…
 …looks like this.  This was after the sun came up and warmed the temps 
all the way up to plus one Fahrenheit (-17 C).  
Wow! Heat wave! We’re expecting a high today of 6 F.

 Because the roads and highways looked like this yesterday everything pretty much ground to a halt.  I went in to work in the  morning, and while I was there two whole customers came in the door.   So when I called in today the boss said, “Nothing in your in-box, see you after Thanksgiving on Monday.”

We did some last minute grocery shopping yesterday and the short walk across the parking lot was like staggering into frozen knives (okay not quite that bad, but you get the idea).

 This morning the wind has stopped,
 but the frigid temperatures decorated this window on the north side of our house…

…like this.  It’s a window we haven’t replaced with double panes 
to insulate the house against this kind of arctic weather 
(thank you very much, Canada for sharing).

I didn’t expect to have an extra day to get ready for the feast tomorrow.  So I took a few minutes to update my blog and tell you people out there in warmer places to give thanks for your weather, and to send my condolences to U.S. Midwest where that brutal storm has moved on to add even more hassle to holiday travel.

It is SO COLD that:

1.      We’re eating Thanksgiving dinner with plastic cutlery.  Metal ones would stick to our tongues.

2.      The eye doctors are giving away free ice scrapers for our glasses.

3.      We stayed up late last night because our pajamas weren’t thawed out yet..

 4.      Squirrels in the park were bribing the alley cats for a snuggle.

5.      We chopped up the piano for firewood, but we only got two chords.

Sorry about that last one.  It was really bad.  Have a good one and be safe!


Anonymous said...

I think some of those might be little fibs!! Keep warm and have a good Thanksgiving!

CeeCee said...

Weather fascinates me. It never fails to amaze me that we can be in one contiguous piece of land, but have such different weather.
I'll think warm thoughts for y'all. Send you some warm air if I could.

Sarah said...

Brrr! I like the last one actually as I had forgotten that meaning of chord. Hope Thanksgiving is fun!

Mama Zen said...

But, the last one was my favorite!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anzu said...

I'm sorry to hear it.
I can imagine your pain.
Please take something hot to drink with tender music, and turn a page of album stuffed full of fond memories. However, I experience the novel sensation of your photos. Thank you ! ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ

Anairam said...

Oh no! Do you mean to tell me that snow goes with cold??? I have always wanted to be in real snow, but I do not like being cold at all. Like, -17 C?? For me it is cold if it is less than 24 degrees. Well, I am not quite normal, of course. I carry a hotwater bottle around in the house, even in summer. So it sadly looks like I am going to have to give up my dream of going to visit someplace where it snows.

Linda Sue said...

Oh Leenie- colder where you are than here - our low was 9.
So slippery out there, can find my yak traks- probably given to goodwill during the purge! I can not stand up so I haven't even take Dexter for a walk all week!
Happy day to you!

TALON said...

Us Canadians are famous for our generosity :) lol!

Looks like you're forced to snuggle in and ride out the bad weather, Leenie.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth said...

Oh oh oh!!!
Poor you
do hope your turkey warms you up...

Robert's brother lives in Minot ND
I think they have a blizzard.

Here is a truly bad joke for you.

Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other SLIDE

(courtesy of TODDLER TUNES on TV!!)
Hugs for a great Thanksgiving

Pearl said...

:-) Two chords. Why I oughta...

Happy Thanksgiving! MN has had the same weather pattern move through and I've got a two-hour drive ahead of me (on a GOOD day!).

Hope your day is fully of glorious gravy...


Jill said...

I believe happy Thanksgivings are due and I'm thanksgiving that here, -2C here is unseasonably cold.

BUSH BABE said...

Now THAT is cold... heh. Sending warm thoughts!!!

susan m hinckley said...

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend, Leenie! We're zooming up to 20 degrees today, which sounds like a treat. I'm so comforted to know that someone out there understands this Minnesotan's pain. Stay warm! (tip: food helps)

Kilauea Poetry said...

Well the image -N. Side of your window looks like a pretty star! Beautiful but I got the message (lol) hope you had a wonderful cozy Thanksgiving! I'm imagining ice scrapers, knives and metal sticking to tongues..but enjoyed the last one (lol)!

jeanie said...

Today was the first day WITHOUT howling wind and intermittent rain.

We went to the beach. Wish you were here...

DayPhoto said...

It's here sent it here!!!!