Monday, May 2, 2011


Last Saturday morning,
well over one hundred ladies of our church 
gathered to tie quilts to be given to humanitarian aid. 

The quilts will be sent wherever there is need
 to help victims recover from disaster.

As they say, “Many hands make light work.”

The quilts were already assembled and bound.
  All that was needed was for them to be tied.  
Within an hour the finished products began to stack up.

Not long after noon forty-five finished quilts were counted. 
We then had to clear out the area for an after-funeral luncheon.  
The unfinished quilts went home with several ladies,
 and by Sunday many were returned completed.

“Though little dangers they may fear,
When greater dangers men environ
The women show a front of iron;
And, gentle in their manner, they
Do bold things in a quiet way.”
                      Thomas Dunn English

quote borrowed from Button's Thoughts  post about repairing their barn


Buttons Thoughts said...

Leenie these are awesome quilts. Love the quote it does fit the post.
I love quotes you can have any of mine you want I have lots. Thanks for the great post. Women at work just beautiful. B

Elizabeth said...

What an excellent idea.
Love the idea of working together on a project.

Anonymous said...

What a marvellous idea. Those quilts are quite stunning!

Anonymous said...

The wonderful intention behind this will give those quilts even more warmth. Such a wonderful and caring gesture.

Linda Sue said...

WOW I very nearly want to become homeless and destitute just to wrap myself in one of those quilts- they look so comforting! Especially the tweedy brown one- homey and sincere...
That activity keeps those ladies off the street and busy- good thing, too!You know what they say about idle hands!

Linda Sue said...

Dimes are on their way- thanks for humouring me! LOVE!

Maude Lynn said...

That is so fabulous!

But, I'm not to be trusted around those quilts. They are so beautiful!

susan m hinckley said...

I love geraniums also . . . maybe I will try bringing some of them in this year.

Does my heart good to see your quilt project. I have so many fond memories of the RS ladies coming to quilt at my grandma's house, or bouncing around the gym at the church while they worked and smelling the delicious food being prepared in the kitchen for the after-quilting lunch. Glad to see some of the old ways are alive and well! Well done, ladies!