Monday, September 19, 2011


I don't remember playing with dolls much as a child.  I did get a Betsy McCall doll for Christmas one year.  She came with two extra dresses, pajamas, and a coat and bonnet sewn by my mother. There was also a box to keep her in, made by my dad, complete with a rod and hangers for her clothes.  Although I loved my Betsy McCall, I found all the dressing and undressing a bother.

So I still have her and her clothes in almost mint condition.  The next year I asked Santa to bring me cowboy boots and a plaid shirt.  Later I really, really wanted a Daniel Boone coonskin hat but that never happened.

No, my favorite dolls had their clothes painted on and were three inches high.  Along with my brother we made whole villages for them to live in along the canal.  They had boats and gardens and places to keep their animals.    I guess I still like little dolls.  Ebay, Etsy and Paypal have my number and have been delighted to point me to all kinds of miniature doll house items for sale. If you've followed my blog much you've seen some of my collection  in "The Dahlies" posts.

Above are some of my latest doll house furniture purchases.  They don't match well, but I truly like the little wooden table (bought from Linda Sue's "gollygollygolly" Etsy site) which came with the china vase/soup tureen.  I've filled it with real flowers.  The tiny Tiffany lamp came all the way from China and, as you can see, lights up.  Yes, they have my number.


TexWisGirl said...

well, thanks for explaining the dahlies collections a bit more. :) i like how you put them to good use!

Linda Sue said...

I am totally addicted, too! I understand the dressing and undressing of dolls- mine were always naked. I understand the setting up of scenes for the short dolls- so pleased when Erik started playing with little GI joes- we made all sorts of fun environments for them- He created "bum world"... some of them died from alchohol and hypothermia. It was so much fun.
Your little reading area looks so inviting!

Buttons Thoughts said...

About the title sure sure:). I love this series of dolls you have going on. B

Pearl said...

And my number as well. I played with "Barbies", although only one of the five was a real Barbie.

And miniatures? Some day they will be mine, my friend.

(Well, not yours, but maybe my own!)


Butternut Squash said...

Love that you share your dollies.
My Great Aunt had the largest doll collection in Ohio and the first doll hospital. Never gave me or my sister one doll and we only lived two houses away. Her dolls were serious, I think she thought we were to young for them.

lizziviggi said...

That doll furniture is nicer than mine! I can't wait until my girls are old enough to not break everything... they love their dollhouse, but something else gets broken every week.

Debbie said...

thanks for clearing that up!! xo

Far Side of Fifty said...

I love your Dahlies..they are way cool..that new furniture is awesome..we must all have our vices..and it could be worse than dolls..(gasp):)

susan m hinckley said...

Okay -- glad I went back and read this, because it made me love you Dahlies even more! What a cool idea to use your collection to fuel your art!