Monday, November 7, 2011


Every year when the temps get down to freezing I bring in a piece of my three geraniums, Phyllis, Florence and Blossom and put them in small flower pots so they can winter in the house and have a head start on blooming next spring.  This time I also had a nice crop of pansies in small planters that I just couldn't leave out in the cold.  I brought in two containers to see how they'd last the winter.

I set the hanging basket in a sunny spot on the floor.  The pansies were so colorful I decided to use them as models to learn a little more about how to work with my new watercolor pencils.

Well...I can see a lot of potential and that there's more learning to be done.

Back in the kitchen Thomas was checking out the new flowers too.
He's a finicky eater but he does like to occasionally add a few greens to his diet.

 If he could do a guilty nonchalant whistle he would. La-la-la-la-laaaaaaa.

Then he dives head first into the flower pot for some stolen salad. 

I decided the pansies could stand a little trimming so I let it go.  Then I noticed the other container of flowers was looking a lot worse for wear.  Beavis photographed what was happening.

I moved those pansies out of Thomas's favorite sunny spot to a  different window.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, that is just too funny!

CarrieBoo said...

Your cat looks a lot like mine! And I didn't think to bring pansies in the house. Huh, silly me. Had to see what this title was about. :D

Debbie said...

you cat is a lot like you ;)

silly cat!!

Sarah said...

Thomas made me laugh! I like your watercolour sketches.

Terry and Linda said...

Thomas says it all...this is MY spot!


Anzu said...

Thomas may lay eggs in moist places on land.

Pam said...

Too cute!...the drawings look great. My cat has just brought in a dead mouse. I make the necessary noises of admiration rather than shriek. They get so confused if we are horrified at their proudly presented trophy.

Samantha said...

Funny! I had a few pots of herbs that were oddly just showed me why!

Buttons said...

Cats are funny aren't they? B

Linda Sue said...

OH SQUISH! Pansies are always so cheerful- I want to be a pansy- or at least wear a dress like that first one!