Friday, November 4, 2011

THE STATE OF IDAHO--Busting the Myth

Children are taught in school that the United States has fifty states.  It’s an accepted fact.  However, with a little research the conclusion may be that Idaho is a baseless myth.

Not counting me do YOU know anyone from Idaho?  According to the 2010 census there are 1,567,582 people in Idaho.  If there are so many Idahoers where are they?  Idaho is supposed to be TWICE the size of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts combined.  Isn’t it strange that a place claiming to be so big has so few people?

What about Idaho Potatoes?  Almost any supermarket in the United States has sacks of potatoes with the Idaho label.  People think they were “grown” in Idaho.  This is probably just the name of that variety potato like Bing Cherries, Jonathan Apples or Iceberg Lettuce.  

If you look at the United States on a satellite photo can you figure out where Idaho is supposed to be?   It’s impossible to locate the borders of this state without the help of an overlay of a map.  Even people who forecast weather pretty much ignore Idaho.  They will tell us about storms all around the region but seldom mention this bogus state.

Try to find an airline that flies into Idaho.  Delivery service and the U.S. Mail have addresses in Idaho but have you ever received anything from Idaho?

If you ask most people the location of Idaho they guess somewhere near Iowa or Ohio.  Even though I claim to be from Idaho I’M not even sure where it is. Ask me about the dimensions of the place; or to name more than one or two towns or rivers and I get kind of foggy about the facts.  

If I drive for a day to the east I’m supposed to be in Wyoming

All that is there are miles of dirt, brush, eighteen wheeler trucks 

and an occasional antelope.  
If I travel one or two days to the west 

I’ll see pretty much the same things until I go through some mountains
 to what is called the “Oregon Coast.” 
If I go southwest into “Nevada” it’s even worse plus there are no antelope.  

If I travel either north or south on Interstate Fifteen 
I’ll see more open range with only a scattering of cattle 
and a few pockets of civilization for hours and hours.

 So what is Idaho?  Nothing.  People have been brainwashed by the map-making community to believe Idaho exists.  All the so called “evidence” of the reality of Idaho is a mixture of falsifications, lies and exaggerations.  So if I seem a little confused about what is going on and where I am, most of the time just remember I’m living in my own private Idaho.


TexWisGirl said...

pretty funny. guess i'll have to take your word for it as i've never been there - or at least never noticed i was there. :)

Leauxra said...

I drove to Boise once on a business trip, and turned on the wrong way and ended up in the middle of no where. There wasn't even anywhere to turn around for an hour. It was super weird. So, kind of like an alien abductee, I believe in Idaho.

The Weaver of Grass said...

This made me smile Leenie. I have great difficulty placing any US States on the map - although I have been to your country many times.

I went into our local Post Office this morning to post a letter to The Netherlands and the girl behind the counter asked me if the Netherlands was in Asia!!!

CeeCee said...

One of my favorite movies of all time is set in Idaho (the Gem State). Napolean Dynamite! Couer d'Alene is on my short list of places to retire. You're the cool state that looks like a chimney! Don't know how it got it's fun shape, but I'll bet this show would be able to tell you how your state got it's shape, too.
PS..Weaver of Grass....Aaaauuuuggghhh! How old was the lady at the Post office?

Leenie said...

CeeCee: the Idaho panhandle where Couer d'Alene is located,Lake Pend Oreille and the Clark Fork River country is beautiful. In fact there are gorgeous forests and mountains over most of the state. Fortunately for Idahoans most of those places are off the beaten path. And we like it that way.

frayedattheedge said...

OK I admit it - I have no idea where Idaho is (apart from knowing that it is in America). I love how you talk about driving for a couple of days - if I did that here I would end up drowned, as I would have driven into the sea!!

Jeannelle said...

Clever post, Leenie! I think I feel the same way about Iowa sometimes, though could never have explained it as well as you did!

Buttons said...

You make me laugh. I can always count on you for that. You are very clever with your words.
I like the photos of Idaho if there is an Idaho. I have heard of the potato; is it not true? Darn marketing gimmicks. B

Sarah said...

Interesting and funny too! I have no idea where Idaho is which I feel a bit bad about-but I am not discriminating against Idaho, I am just geographically challenged (ask Andy!)
I love the pictures and the descriptions of what would happen if your drove in different directions. I am going to google Idaho now!

Sarah said...

Butch Otter is your governor. I have just read this on wikipedia. I hope it is true as this is the best leader name I have heard in a long time!

Leenie said...

Governor Otter is quite a colorful character. He often wears a cowboy hat and boots. His real name is Clement Leroy Otter. No wonder he goes by Butch.

Samantha said...

I think Idaho is's on my list of places to visit.

Buttons said...

Hello left something for you at my blog :) B

Alica said...

Ah Idaho...I once spent a weekend in Deary Idaho at a friend's farm...there were three feet of snow on the ground. That was a pretty area...but I also remember driving through Lewiston (sp?) on the way there and the smell of the paper mills was horrid! :)

Terry and Linda said...

I've been there...and Idaho is a very beautiful state. And to this day I always eat Idaho potatos...are there any other kind?


Far Side of Fifty said...

We have friends in Boise and McCall..Idaho is a beautiful State. We looked seriously at moving to Bonner's Ferry one time..and love the northern part of your State. That road to McCall is a real adventure. We know your State Fire Marshall, he and my husband grew up on the same block in Park Rapids Minnesota.
Oh I like Sandpoint too.. and the eastern border you share with Wyoming. I love the Tetons from the wrong side..where there are no tourists:)