Monday, February 13, 2012


When I rearrange furniture in our home I usually get a lot of grief from DH. 
One time he went so far as to walk outside and check to make sure he was at the right house.

But when I came home and found the basement toilet in the laundry room 
I wondered about his ideas in home décor.

 With the help of Beavis he’d also taken a saw to the walls of the bathroom
and ripped out the floor.  Maybe this was a good thing.  
It already looked better than the 
thirty year-old blue Formica shower and green walls.

New drywall went up.  We lightened up the dark walls with a 
coat of semi-gloss white, and the tub was re-plumbed for a different faucet.

We had new vinyl flooring installed to replace the old flooring 
which had a big burned spot that no one ever owned up to.

We got a new light fixture since we found rotten wires when we removed the old rusty one. 

I like how it looks like the guys are doing some kind of dance in this photo.

 Then a ceramic saw was set up in my laundry room.
  I was really, really upset that I had to suspend all washing and ironing for a few days. 
(Yeah, right)

 The guy who did such a fine job installing the tile 
in our master bath brought back his expertise.

The tile went together like a big puzzle.

 In no time at all we had a handsome shower stall.

 The new faucet was installed.

 The old vanity and paper holder were replaced.

 The tile backsplash matched the shower and the medicine cabinet matched the vanity.

 A minor slip-up installing the original porcelain fixture
 lead to the purchase of a new one which was more efficient anyway.

In our endeavors to lighten the dark basement room 
we ended up with almost everything colored copy-paper white. 
So I brought in some accent rugs and made curtains to match. 
The dark curtains put the room right back in the gloom.

I replaced them with lighter and more sheer curtains.  Much better.

Is this not the finest Valentine’s Day present ever?!


TexWisGirl said...

lucky you with a handy hubby!!! :)

Linda Sue said...

Could i please borrow your people?

susan m hinckley said...

Save your flowers and chocolates, I'll take a new bathroom any day of the week. Actually, I'd just like a valentine who could install a new bathroom if I needed one... he's a keeper, Leenie! (but you knew that)

Mama Zen said...

That's what I want for Valentine's Day!

TALON said...

Those are the absolute best kind of Valentine's Day presents, Leenie. Love it!

Alica said...

What a nice change...lucky you! :)

CeeCee said...

I'm just weird enough to think that's a fabulous present!! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweet bathroom installers. :)

CarrieBoo said...

Incredible job! That would take five years to get done around here. Now, can he do the laundry as well?

Anzu said...

You will be able to relax at refitted bathroom.♪o(^-^ o )
It's nice for your good health.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a great looking bathroom! Your guys do good work! :)

Sarah said...

Great work-are they available for hire?!

Terry and Linda said...

Oh! Wow1 Lucky,Lucky You!