Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I get nice north light over the desk where I paint.
The view is of our back yard and our plum tree.
Today the passing scene was a welcome distraction 
from some composition problems.

One of the first robins of the year arrived.

 A brisk wind fluffed out his shirt and showed his undershorts.

Even as snow began to threaten he sang for spring.

 Next a gang of starlings arrived.  The left-over plums
had thawed into a fermented mess; a banquet for these rowdies.

 Check out the speckled pattern in their coats
and how the rainbow of light in their black feathers
sets off their red boots.

Now the snow was really starting to come down.
The squirrel was trying to warm his toes.
He was sucking up his courage to 
sprint from the cherry tree to get his share of plums.

 Some quick bounces...

...a stop to check for danger...

 He made it to the base of the plum tree but the
fruit was covered in snow.  DRAT!

Digging, digging...

The warmish days had turned everything to mush.

He finally found several solid plums, munched them down and left.

 Later the starlings were back.  The snow messed up their picnic too.

 But it didn't stop them from enjoying a little more plum brandy.

Wednesday I'm heading for the woods with my daughter.
We're going to get in some snowshoeing before winter is all gone.


TexWisGirl said...

enjoyed this series immensely. :) the robin was sweet, but the squirrel stole the show! :)

Leauxra said...

I love that the squirrel and starlings are a buncha drunks. Of course, how else do you stay warm when it's snowing?

Sarah said...

Great photos and funny commentary. I love tarlings-they are such entertaining birds. I am glad everyone got their plum meals. Have fun snow shoeing!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love the US robins, they are so different from ours over here.

Those starlings probably ended up drunk on fermented plums.

Enjoy the last of your snow.

Alica said...

You captured some good ones here... Love the captions! (You can keep those starlings...they make a mess in the barn!)

CeeCee said...

Great photos!
Enjoy your snowshoeing and your daughter. :)

Pearl said...

I love these kinds of posts. Fat little birds, drunken squirrels.

Life's rich pageant.



TALON said...

Saw two robins today which always makes me feel spring-hopeful :)

Leenie, gorgeous shots! Who could resist plum brandy on a contrary day :)

I love squirrels. Their antics never fail to make me smile.

Jenny Woolf said...

It's funny to see that called a robin, it's so unlike our English robin. I could watch squirrels for hours, they are so absolutely beautiful and graceful. I love your photos!

CarrieBoo said...

Boo-tiful! So those are starlings, I've been wondering what those are in my backyard. Seeing the first robin makes me very happy. I saw one claiming its turf, the first one on the street, yesterday. It made me smile. And yes, the robins in Canada are a lot bigger than the ones in Britain! Everything is bigger here. :) (Including me!)

Terry and Linda said...

You took those photos through the glass?!?!? I've tried to do that and I get a mess! WELL DONE!


Buttons said...

Now I understand where your inspiration to paint comes from and also your amazing sense of humour. I picture you sitting there painting and creating beautiful works of art. B

Anonymous said...

A wonderful collection of photos! Enjoy your day in the woods!

Linda Sue said...

Your starlings are cuter than ours! The starlings up here are menaces, brought here by some homesick Brit, messed up the eco system. Nice of you to leave plums for everyone, they must be well fermented by now.
The bees usually make quick work out of the fallen plums here, they get so drunk...and dangerous.
Love your photos, Ms. Leenie!