Monday, March 5, 2012


Deep in my memories are times spent listening to my grandmas as they read stories to me.  Some of my favorite books were the ones about Raggedy Ann and Andy.

I remember when I was older seeking out those books by Johnny Gruelle in our little local library so I could read the tales again for myself.

To pass on the tradition I made a set of  Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for my daughters when they were small. But by then there were plastic dolls that had a bigger attraction. So I saved the ones I’d sewn since I probably made them more for myself anyway.

Raggedy Ann and Andy lived in the nursery with more dolls.  There was a Mama Doll, the French Doll, the little Dutch Doll and a group of tiny penny dolls.  They had all kinds of adventures when their little girl, Marcella, and the people in her house weren’t paying attention.

One story tells of workmen installing a new rain gutter just outside the nursery window.  Andy helped the penny dolls climb out the window so they could slide on the gutter.  They fell down the drain pipe and the adventure was on.

When I cleaned out my parents’ house after their passing, I found some toys, and a small box of keepsakes that I knew belonged to my dad.

Mary Lucinda Hendricks
Among the items were two penny dolls which I guess might have belonged to his mother.

Penny dolls are about two inches high and are made of ceramic bisque.  They were manufactured in large quantities around the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and were sold by the penny along with treats in candy stores.

The penny dolls I found look like they had been someone’s much-loved toys, and are now a prized possession.


Alica said...

Finds like this, especially when they belonged to someone you know and loved, are indeed special!

Pearl said...

How beautiful.


p.s. When I was little, I actually had a Penny, like a "Barbie" but a child rather than a full-grown woman doll. I loved that little doll...

Sarah said...

I like your Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls Leenie and loved to read about your memories. I didn't know about penny dolls-though I have seen those little dolls before. Most interesting.

CarrieBoo said...

You made those? Wow! Those are some wonderful keepsakes.

Dawn said...

Oh what treasures!
I LOVE Raggedy Ann and Andy. Still my favorite:)

Runningspider said...

I can still taste those wind sandwiches!

Anonymous said...

Penny dolls are so much fun. I found one in my Grandmothers old trunk.


susan m hinckley said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Raggedy Ann stories, and am a certified Johnny Gruelle maniac, actually! I have a little collection of Ann and Andy dolls myself, some that were given to me as a child and some that I have rescued from thrift stores over the years. And I think penny dolls are one of the sweetest things in the world, right down to their adorable name. Thanks for the smile today!

CeeCee said...

What wonderful memories! I guess Raggedies were the precursor to the Toy Story ideas, huh?

Linda Sue said...

You have cool stuff- I want to go to your house and play. Cloth dolls have always been my favorite. I had a cloth "johnny" doll and drug him around through everything everywhere- one day My Mom said "ewww" this doll is icky and TOSSED HIM! GAHHHH! She dumpstered my baby!!!

Elizabeth said...

Such treasures to find and cherish!
loved the old photo too.
None of my toys survive but my grandson has his father's teddy "Reg'lar Ted".

lots of love

Anonymous said...

There's nothing happier than a well loved toy.

TALON said...

Those penny dolls are amazing. What a wonderful keepsake, Leenie! You can see they were beloved.

I remember loving Raggedy Ann and Andy.

I have a good friend named Ann who married a man named Andy. They always go as the dolls for hallowe'en parties :)

Buttons said...

Oh I truly teared up with this post. I loved that it touched my soul and my memories. Thanks Leenie. B