Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Finally it’s warm enough and light enough for an early morning bike ride.

 In only a few minutes I am out of town and on a farm road where the only traffic…

 …is a school bus and an occasional pickup truck.

 Farmers are getting their equipment ready.

 Soon they will be planting the thousands of acres of rich volcanic farm land.
  The ridge in the background is the rim of one of many extinct volcanoes in the area.

 If the weather cooperates this view will soon be fields green with potatoes and grain crops.

Now if I can just get back to town before the five minute rush hour hits.


TexWisGirl said...

love those tank-like tractor tires.!

heyBJK said...

Fantastic shadow in your first photo, Leenie! Great wide-open country!

Alica said...

Love the landscape! I've been to Idaho once...22 years ago, but in the part where I was told "they don't grow potatoes here!" :)

What humongous tractor/tires!

Sarah said...

Such a wide open view!

Pam said...

Great photos Leenie - such wide open landscapes - guess you have to choose the days to ride your bike. Was going to say because it would get very windy. If that is the case much of the topsoil must blow away right?

Leenie said...

Wind is a big factor on when I like to ride. Mornings are about the only time of day when we don't have wind. The reason we have the deep soil in this locations is because we are downwind of a wide flat plain and just in front of the Grand Teton Mountains. Sometimes before the dirt is tied down with crops the blowing dust can actually close down traffic on Interstate 15.

Pearl said...

Very interested in your rush hour.


I would love to spend a moment or two in this kind of quiet... Because I live in a city, most of my vacations are taken in the country, and I am always amazed at what an enormous sky is out there, and how very quiet it can become.


Terry and Linda said...

YEA Farming season is starting!!!

I am so impressed that you are part of Pat Leimbach's book...she needs your photos and art work also!!!


Anzu said...

Wow, What a long and wide way !
I want to follow you and the yellow school bus by bicycle.ヾ(・o・*)シ

CarrieBoo said...

The promise of things to come.

Shrinky said...

Wow, so much space! It's clear you live in a wonderful part of the world.